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The Truth behind Grandma’s Old Hair Care Tales

Your grandma’s old hair care tales still doing rounds about in your mind? Oiling and conditioning your hair is absolutely perfect, but did you know that several hair lies are also being endured for years along with the trusted hair care commandments? Before you give into the hair myths that circulate like urban legends, be sure to separate the fact from fiction.

The Truth behind Grandma’s Old Hair Care Tales

Henna is an excellent hair conditioner!

Be it for coloring or conditioning, henna is definitly the safest thing that has been drilled in to your mind by your mom.  But be careful, frequent use of henna creates a thick coating on your hair shaft, thus making it hard for your hair to breathe and over time your hair can turn out to be dry and brittle. Moreover, gone are the days when natural henna was readily available in the market. Most of the henna available today is not completely natural, but full of loads of chemical powders that basically accelerate the coloring process. So girl, the next time you feel like conditioning your hair, opt for professional deep conditioning treatments and not any synthetic henna.

Two grey hair grow back, when you pluck one!

Baby, if only it were true, everyone here would be pulling out their hair in a fistful to get more hair. People love volume for their hair and can even do crazy things like this for sure and then certainly color the grey ones. But then again, it’s just a myth.

Oiling your hair regularly reduces hair fall!

A good oil massage certainly boosts blood circulation and benefits your hair, but oil when left in your hair for more than an hour or so leaves a coating on your hair, thus not allowing your hair to breathe. Also, you need rigorous shampooing to remove all that oil from your scalp. The best thing would be to use a rich conditioner after washing your hair and then using a dollop of serum on towel dried hair. For blood circulation, you can always count on hair spas.

Dandruff is contagious!

Dandruff is contagious

The root cause of dandruff in your scalp is the presence of certain microorganisms. These are present in most scalps, but may not necessarily be active. It’s not dandruff, but there are several other nasty things that can be transferred from someone else’s brush or comb.

You don’t need conditioner for fine hair!

Just like all skin types need moisturizing, all hair needs conditioning too. Chemical treatments, heat styling or just the day to day damage may render your hair dry, dull and lifeless. Regular conditioning helps to restore their natural moisture. If you have fine hair, go for lightweight, volumizing and texturizing conditioners. They add body, volume and strength to your hair and prepare them for all kinds of chemical treatments such as curling or straightening. There is a conditioner for every hair, pick the right one for you.

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