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Things About Floral Jewelry

4 Things About Floral Jewelry That Every Bride-To-Be Should Know


For centuries, flowers have played an important role in the wedding. From the venue decorations to the Wedding Garland, these fresh and aromatic flowers have always been the part of the Indian wedding. But nowadays it is a trend to wear them in the form of floral jewelry that amplifies the beauty of the women and make them feel more special. So, if you are also planning to wear them, there are few important things about floral jewelry that you should know.

1. There are various options available in floral jewelry

There are various options available in floral jewelry

This jewelry has a wide variety of styles and you can get whatever you wish for. Usual sets of this jewelry include necklace, maang tikka, earrings, anklets, and bracelet. But if you want something extra like haathphool, kamarband or baseband then you can ask your jewelry provider for it. And you can even order a floral dupatta for a different look.

2. Flowers used for making floral jewelry

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The types of the flowers used for this jewelry is based on the color of the outfit. And usually, all types of flowers are used to make this jewelry. Still, it is much easier to make jewelry from small flowers. Jasmine, tuberose, roses, orchids are the popular flowers that are used to make this kind of jewelry.

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3. Life of this jewelry

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Most of the people think that this jewelry might not stay for a longer period as it is made up of flowers. But you can keep all your fears at bay as this jewelry lasts for a longer period and you can even store them in the refrigerator for three days.

4. Time needed for making this jewelry

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Usually, it takes one day to make a basic floral jewelry set. And it always suggested placing an order for them at least 1 month in advance. Advance booking will let your designer make jewelry with much ease and time without any hassle. Before making the jewelry there are chances that your designer might insist the bride to have a meeting to discuss the designs and color. So, plan it accordingly and look stunning on your wedding and other celebrations.

So, these are the few things about floral jewelry that you should know.


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