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Things to Know About Graying Hair!!

Graying and aging or graying not aging, whichever be the case, having salt in the pepper is not easy to swallow! Duh… I am talking about the salt and pepper look!

Greying Hair

Fear and skepticism about gray strands rules the roost. There are a lot of theories and myths that circulate regarding the reasons behind premature graying of hair in addition to being the obvious consequence of old age. Graying hair has become a frequent phenomenon among the youth even in their early 20’s.

Let’s clear some of the doubts and misconceptions that one is likely to harbor about graying hair. Take a look:

Stressing the Tresses!

Stressing the Tresses!

People think that stress plays important role but according to dermatologists stress may not lead directly to graying of hair. Stress is blamed for many hair and skin issues. For example, during illness when one is usually bogged down, people may shed hair at a faster rate. Moreover, when people lose hair after any stressful event i.e. chemotherapy, some even find their hair growing back in a different color. So it’s not about stress, but a mixed dose of ill health as well.

Which Ethnic Group You Belong!

An individual’s ethnicity also makes quite a difference like Caucasians tend to get gray hair earlier and redhead’s get them earliest of all. After them come Asians and then the African Americans.

Aging Obviously!

The process of normal aging acts as the biggest reason. Hair changes its texture just like skin does with age. Dermatologist believes it as a 50-50 rule. According to them half of the population gets gray hair at the age 50.

Choose Lifestyle Wisely

Your Life Style choices also are a major factor behind graying of hair. For example, smoking stresses your hair and skin out as also low level of vitamin B12 in the diet, which causes the loss of hair pigment. Try including foods like carrots, liver in your diet.

Hair and its Color

Hair and its Color

Hair is formed by hair stem cells and pigments are formed by pigment forming stem cells. Generally, they work together but they can also wear out in some cases, sometimes prematurely. Hair not always turn grey sometimes they start growing that way from the very roots.

Scientists are trying to find out a solution to slow down the graying process.

Meanwhile you can try using Amla or the Indian gooseberry to help your grays. And the obvious way to hide grays is to add a dash of color!

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