Things You Must Eat Pre And Post Workout Sessions

A lot of people are not aware of this fact but what you eat before and after your workout has a great relevance in terms of the benefits you get from your workout. So despite the type of workout you are into- cardio, strength or circuit training, there are certain food items which can benefit your entire well-being when consumed before and after the workout.

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For cardio:

Pre-workout- You can consume a high carb and low-fat meal at least 60 minutes’ prior your workout. You can have a glass of milk, banana or a handful of almonds.

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Post workout- Since you are done with the exercise and you have burned a lot of calories, your body is tired and in the need of energy. The best options for this time are carbs abs proteins as these will also help in reducing the muscle aches as well. Coconut water, low-fat milk or a smoothie are a great option to switch your caffeine

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Circuit training

Pre-workout- When you are going for circuit training your focus should be more on carbs and less on proteins as this will give you more energy while exercising. Fruits such as apples and bananas are a great option to eat before your circuit training. You can also include a mix of dried fruits and nuts 45 minutes’ prior the workout.

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Post workout- Your post circuit workout meal should include very little fat. Salads, protein shakes, smoothies or fruits are a great option. Circuit training combines exercises which use resistance so as to bring muscular contractions. This improves the endurance as well as the strength.

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Strength training

Pre-workout- For strength training, the best pre-workout snack should have both carbs and protein, at least an hour before the workout. The carbs and the protein will ensure that you don’t get tired during the workout and the chances of muscle breakdown are also reduced.

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Post workout- During strength training, your body undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Thus it is very important that your body get the right kind of foods in order to recover faster. Once you are done with your exercising you can take a protein shake or an energy bar.

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