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Tips to Deal With these 8 Fashion Mistakes You’re Making!

Fashion is what you’re comfortable in. But in lieu of our comfort, we sometimes make such mistakes which take up the form of Fashion Disasters! Nobody is perfect, but at least we can try to be. Right? The year has just started, so if you’ve made a resolution not to make any more fashion mistakes, then read the post till the end. Don’t let your fashion sense become another fashion disaster.

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1. Wearing Shorts or Hot Pants?
Whole art of wearing shorts lies in the length of the shorts. Plus, make sure that your legs are toned Don’t try to experiment with the hot pants if your legs are flabby. It’s time to tone out your hidden bulges.

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2. Be Careful While Wearing High Over-The-Knees Socks
Wear the knee-high socks only if you want to look like a high-school girl. But when done right, these socks can look as good on you as on those celebrities. You can wear the knee-high socks with the skirts and shorts. Wear the vibrant hues with sparkly shade. DON’T wear the printed socks.

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3. Too Much Leather? NO!
The military style dressing is back in vogue, but that doesn’t mean that you can go overboard with the leather. Wear the military pants with the radical prints. Don’t wear leather tunics on the leather pants. Play safe and lighten up your dressing by wearing denim jackets or shirts.

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4. Thigh-High Slit in Dresses
Remember the dress that Kareena Kapoor wore during one of her maternity photo shoots? Yes, the olive coloured dress with the thigh-high slit. Higher the slit, sexier it is. But be sure that your body is prepared for it. Don’t try to take the risk if you’re not that confident about it.

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5. Don’t Go Too Casual
Sporty look is nice. But being sporty doesn’t mean going careless about your look. Dirty socks never look cool. If you want to don the sporty look, buy the sneakers with some heels. You can look hot while dressing like tomboyish. Wear vibrant colours to be on a safer side.

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6. Ditch Your Denim Overalls
Jumpsuits are back now. Ditch your denim overalls and get some stylish jumpsuits for yourself. Invest in some uber-cool jumpsuits, rompers and playsuits and rock the girl-next-door look at your next weekend hangout. Opt for stretchable fabrics for jumpsuits and rompers.

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7. Toss the Printed Denims
Too much of prints can be toxic for you. Knee-slit jeans, boyfriend jeans, distressed jeans are much in vogue than the prints. Even if you wear prints, don’t pair them up with an equally printed top. Wear a plain tee with the printed denims.

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8. The See-Through Dress
See-through dresses will never get out of fashion. If you decide to wear a see-through dress, make a point not to reveal too much. Be classy while wearing a see-through dress. And keep this in your mind that see-through outfits are strictly evening wear. Don’t take the troubles of wearing it in the daytime.

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