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Tips To Minimize Skin Pores and Excess Oil

We all live in a world where we have to look and work our best in order to win the never ending race for everything. As girls and women, you have to make sure that you look our personal best when it comes to the aspect of beauty because nothing grabs attention more than a beautiful women.

You all try to maintain the best complexion for our skin as it plays a major role on your beauty but these oversized pores plays the biggest hindrance in your beauty. Many factors contribute in you to have these oversized pores, a few of them are like excess sebum, sun damage, and sometimes even from our parents by genetics.

But fortunately there are ways by which you can conceal these pores and even reduce them in size, below are mentioned the few ways that will help you to do so:


One thing to notice about pores is that they appear larger when they are filled up with elements like, sebum, sweat and dirt. And that always gradually accumulate through the day. If left untreated they may become more severe resulting in infections or inflammation. Wash your face at least two times a day in order to avoid this condition; this will help your pores to shrink. Make sure the product you use to cleanse your face is suited to your skin type.

Cleanse but not too much:

While it is mandatory to cleanse your face in order to remove any impurities from it, over cleansing can lead in the simulation of oil production in your skin which can further lead up to more accumulation and enhanced pore blockage. And so making you pores further more widened.


Include a toner in the schedule of your skin care routine. Try to use only those toners that have salicylic acid as one of its ingredients. This besides keeping your pores clean also decreases them in their size and thus rendering you a more smooth and flawless skin.


If you bring your skin in excessive contact with the sun then you also run the risk of having increased pores size. Apply a good sunscreen lotion or cream before you go for venturing out.

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