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Top 5 Beauty Secrets To Stay Pretty Like Flight Attendants


Flight Attendants’ beauty secrets are not anything that is out of the world. But what makes them quite extraordinary is their impeccable grooming abilities that make them look like prettiest dolls at all times.

Hats off to them, for keeping up their dutiful-self up to the pace of looking perfectly flawless without failing in doing their job. Without getting irritated by our every 2-minutes request for water or things alike, or without throwing up or tripping during those bumpy flights. *Phew*

What we don’t really understand is how they manage to keep their face upbeat in those tiny broom-closet-sized lavatories. Especially when the in-flight liquid threshold to be carried is only 3.4 ounces?

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So, let’s talk about what are these flight attendants’ beauty secrets that even you can follow to look amazing all the time.

1. They Never Risk Their Skin’s Natural Hydration Level
While some take extra precautions like frequently applying moisturizer and using mists to keep their skin hydrated, else, all of the flight attendants agreed on gulping down liters of water every day. Even sleeping with a humidifier on is one of those many of the Flight Attendants’ beauty secrets.

They Never Risk Their Skin’s Natural Hydration Levelimage source:

2. They Know The Importance Of A Good SPF, Especially Up There
A flight attendant never skips applying a good SPF containing sunblock, because she knows that no matter if you are in the air or on the ground, sun rays will damage your unprotected skin at all costs. So, they always carry their sunblock with them at all times and reapply it every few hours.

They Know The Importance Of A Good SPF, Especially Up Thereimage source:

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3. They Know Applying Products In The Correct Order IS Essential
Even we always tell you the same thing, that these flight attendant’s beauty secrets collection says, always know how and in which order must you apply your makeup products. They just don’t layer it up to get going in a huss and fuss. But they follow proper steps of applying cosmetics in the correct order.

They Know Applying Products In The Correct Order IS Essentialimage source:

4. They Never Settle For Just Any Dry Shampoo
One of the flight attendants swears by those powdery dry shampoos, that put them under no restrictions about the liquid carrying policies. And the best part about these dry shampoos is that they have a matte finish, meaning, no-shine or sticky hair after application. Well, I am planning to follow this flight attendants’ beauty secret from today itself!

They Never Settle For Just Any Dry Shampooimage source:

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5. And They Don’t Compromise With Their Makeup Product’s Texture
Did you know that alcohol-containing makeup products make your skin even more dehydrated at such high altitudes? Well, now you know. That is why they use creamy textured products, that are easily applicable by their hands, and are not a problem to carry along.

And They Don’t Compromise With Their Makeup Product’s Textureimage source:

If they don’t, then why should you ladies? It’s time you finally understand the importance of using good cosmetic products, and stop running behind those cheap thrills, if for nothing, then for the sake of your skin!

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