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Try These Foods For A Healthier Kidney!!

A strong kidney equally important as a fit heart!! A person facing several kidney problems will tell you how problematic life can get when kidneys become dysfunctional to process daily waste. Issues can range from puffiness in the eyes to difficulty in passing urine! It is indeed one agonizing issues. Don’t fret dearies! Read on as I have prepared a list of foods that can help you augment kidney functions for a healthier and happier tomorrow!! Take a look….

Egg Whites…

All you need is protein with less phosphorus if facing problems related to kidney. And this is the time when egg whites come to your rescue…they are a rich source of protein and very less phosphorus as compared to the other sources.

P.S. – egg whites are awesome but you really need to avoid egg yolks.

Red Capsicum….

Be it baking, roasting, cooking, stuffing…it can add flavor to everything!! It even helps to break down waste present in blood.

P.S. – Kidney patients should only eat red capsicums


Boil it…adds salt and pepper to it! And you are done!! Yes ladies, this is the easiest way to cook it. Cauliflowers are highly rich in glucosinolates and thiocyanates that fight enemy toxins very efficiently.


It is one of the core ingredients in Indian-Chinese cuisines. Cutting down the radicals, it helps you in getting a glowing skin! If you are a patient of kidney problems, it is best to eat raw cabbage before going through the process of dialysis.


You can have it anyway you like…really, I am not kidding!! Baked, crispy or soaked in coconut curry…fish is anyway good for you! They are the finest source of proteins. It even have anti-inflammatory properties.


Vegetable or fruit juice have the potential flush out waste…they are even rich in antioxidants. So ladies, it’s time you squeeze out the juices from fruits and vegetables.

Ladies, it’s time to indulge in good foods! Try the aforementioned foods to preserve the health of you and your family. 🙂

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