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Un-Blushed Kalki’s New Video is Taking The Internet By Storm!

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It’s a wake-up call from none other than Kalki Koechlin, who has a well-honed sense about the things that are actually slipping through right under our nose without our knowledge. Media’s merciless portrayal of crime against women being one of them. Since when did we fall prey to brutal and hard-nosed sensationalizing practices of Indian Media? Hard to remember, isn’t it? Media, who does a least of it could be doing, to empower women. Media, who finds business even in the most horrendous crimes committed against women. Media, who has become morally apathetic to address the real issues with a more intelligible approach. Media, which right from the beginning of the day, makes us drink its venomous ink! An ink which makes our stomach stink and teaches us to fear everything. As she said.

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In a powerful video that has already taken the social media by storm, she austerely takes on the brutal and careless practices of Indian media which serve violence against women as a means of entertainment. Sadly, Indian media has become so numb to assess the overall magnitude and impact of the spicy news headlines they’ve been printing in ‘Black and White’. They are saturating our minds with negativities right from the beginning of the day. They’re making us over-alarmed about our world which has become diabolical for women. Media doesn’t fail to whip out news and spice it up which makes us fear everything around us. It hurts to admit that people have become so emotionally numb towards things as ghastly as rapes and other crimes against women. They’ve learned to use crimes and brutality as a tool to fill their pockets. And we as the readers, slowly got used to drinking it all up with our morning tea.

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And it’s not the only area where media failed as the “Fifth Pillar” of Indian Constitution. Kalki also valiantly addresses the ‘opposite’ side of the black and white morally degrading newspaper editions. The side which consists of glossy magazines with pictures of bodily perfect and airbrushed female models teaching us the new definitions of ‘Real Beauty’. Yeah, the ‘Real Beauty’ which only fewer section of women possess. The perfect one! And to lie on that ‘Perfect’ side of women, you need to thoughtlessly focus on superficial things like cosmetics and fashion. That’s what they’ve been telling women, all the time. To lose weight, to gain weight, to have boobs and ass of the Kardashian’s. To use this, to use that, to look like her, but don’t look like yourself! Without even us realizing this, media craftily degraded our notions about what ‘Real Beauty’ really is. We all want to look like ‘that girl’ of our college or office, but we just don’t want to be ‘Ourselves’. Sad, but true.

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Our Great Indian Heritage fell to its knees on the mercy of these petty little ‘Printing machines’!


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