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Venezuela!! A Place of Light but on an Either Way

A place in Venezuela has its horrifying yet beautiful facts for several years. There are several lighting strikes which occurs at one place for about 10 hours and for 160 days a year. The phenomenon takes place only at one point over Catatumbo River where it empties into Lake Maracaibo. This lightning has been named as “Catatumbo lightning.” For centuries, this has also been known as a very famous name “lighthouse of Maracaibo.”

first-img (9)Image Source:http://www.conspiracyclub.co

The whole area looks splendid and marvelous but it’s scary as you can see about 40,000 lightings at one place but on the either way it’s mind-blowing. Researchers come over here to get a glimpse of the natural phenomenon because it’s something that is very solitary. It’s very dangerous to visit such place but the view over there is implausible.

Every place has some or the other hidden fact in itself. People go there to grab some of the very rare pics of this phenomenon. It’s actually a very scary place but a worth visit if you have that courage to go and have a blink over it.

This stays for a long period of time as it starts, the electrical charges goes through the nerves of the sky and cuts into bits of several strikes of lightning. Scientists had a brief study over it and they found that the methane produced from the swamps and the oil deposits in the area are the main reason.

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This happens very frequently and it looks very beautiful but horrifying as well. The area is surrounded with barren land and lush green fields. It’s a place that carries its own origin since decades, there are certain interesting facts down the line. It’s not a common phenomenon, no one lives over there miles and miles away.

There are small huts but actually no one dares to live. In overall the place has its own myth and story.


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