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WARNING: These 7 Beauty Treatments Are No Good For Us!

We often get bedazzled by so many beauty treatments that keep swarming our consciousness. It gets too confusing to decipher what’s really good for us and what isn’t. But in our chase to look good all he time, we are often putting our health at the stake. But why? Since when looking good became so important that we fail to look at the long-term ill effects of the same? For your information and awareness, we give you a list of few common beauty treatments that are trending these days but are said to do more harm than good for us, in the long run.

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1. Manicures and Pedicures

Our trip to salon always includes manicures and pedicures. We are so obsessed with pretty nails that we can’t just keep ourselves off these alluring beauty treatments. But did we ever think about the unsanitized dirty tools that these salons are using on us? These filthy tools can make our nails look uglier than ever! These unsterilized tools and dirty water tubs can lead to a variety of infections. So if you’re a binge customer of manicure and pedicure, make sure that the place you hit at is clean and trustworthy.

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These days people have picked up a weird trend of a gel manicure. It boasts of a glossy manicure that won’t chip off even after a couple of weeks. But it also carried along a freebie. These manicure techniques often make use of UV lights to dry and affix the nail paint. UV lights damage your cuticles and weaken your nails, which means more chipping of nails. You need to ask yourself, is this a technique worth going for?

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2. Hair Smoothening Treatments

Keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout might leave your hair smoother and frizz-free for once. But it has recently been defamed because of the health hazard it has been putting on its customers. The chemicals used to smoothen up the hair contain formaldehyde which when inhaled causes respiratory, eyes and nervous system related problems.

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3. Laser Hair Removal

This beauty treatment has gained prominence since the time celebrities have started donning their hair free legs. We too want to get rid of our unwanted hair and in lieu of that, we spend our fortunes on laser hair removal. But not everything that glitter is gold. Everything has a downside. This one perhaps have! High power lasers which are being subjected on the skin can lead to skin problems like rashes, irritation and allergies.

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4. Botox Injections

These injections are widely used around the globe to remain young even in their 50s. No one wants to grow old, this is as obvious as it seems to be. So people have started taking botox injections to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on their skin. These injections are often accompanied by the risk of swelling, bruising and sometimes even fatal risks of muscle weakening and droopy eyes.

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5. False Eyelashes

All the women long for a fuller and longer set of eyelashes. So we don’t shy back from putting on a fake one with a super glue. But these fake eyelashes often bring along some side effects. It causes blurry vision, irritation and infections. When you take off those fake pieces of beauty, they come off along with some of your real eyelashes. Ouch! It hurts, isn’t it? Plus you’ll lose your already scanty eyelashes.

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6. Fish Pedicures

This beauty treatment has gained prominence recently. This sounds fascinating too. But go for the treatment at your own risk. Why am I saying so? These spas subject your feet to a tub full of tiny fishes which feed on your dead skin, making your legs feels softer and smoother. But do you know that these fishes spread infections from customer to another? Plus, the water in these ponds is rarely changed. The risk might be low, but there are some risks which definitely do make it unworthy to give a try.

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7. Juice Cleanse

Women with love handles seem to be ‘not-in-love’ with them. So they’re ready to go through anything to get rid of them. We know that starving yourself to get rid of those flabs is harmful. But juice diet is not different from those. Our body require each and every nutrient in a certain composition. When we totally depend on juices for our nutrition, our body is deprived of some necessary nutrients which these juices fail to supply. It can lead to muscle breakdown and can even put adverse effects on our heart in extreme conditions.

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