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Wedding Shopping- Confessions of a Girl Gone Crazy!!

I love shopping, and when the shopping is done for a purpose as attractive as a wedding…. bling-bling-bang-bang!! That’s just more than frosty icing on the cake for me!! Although, excitement is all pretty cool, but in one’s excitement one must not forget that the pockets and purses have limited resources to buy stuff!! In any case you do not want to spend a bomb in a something you will regret all your life!

Of course we all start preparations from the very beginning when we turn into a marriageable age. Preparations start with a full bang… Browsing through the markets, taking suggestions from relatives and friends, with the online shopping coming to our rescue we can further look out, where we will be getting the best dekko at the bridal accessories, lehengas, dresses and so much more!!!

Main Pic

Wait, where is the beautician who is gonna make you look like a fairy without caking you up!!! its important gal! The best mehndi, the flowers, arrangements, menu, venue and so much more!!!!

Girls who are to attend the marriage ceremony of someone among the family or friends also have to go through a hell lot of thinking and trials. The task is really BIG I admit!  Things does not end here, it goes on and on until the day arrives!


Old is Mostly Gold!

In pursuit of a perfect lehenga, its good to follow the suggestions of the old and experienced people. In spite of New Delhi mushrooming with truck load many designer boutiques, you just cant beat the charm and charisma of wedding shopping at old Delhi. Old Delhi knows its way in attracting people from all over the country. Its by-lanes where the lalaji’s counter is visible with the glowing lights show off each and every design of the lehengas in the display section. The minute and ornate designs done perfectly and fitted to suit your body shape and budget gives the buyer the perfect shopping experience which lasts forever.


Gems and Jewels

The color blend of the lehengas with the traditional chuddas gives a perfect look of the wedding day. The batuwas (clutches) with matching lehenga make an ideal combination for the bride to collect the warm wishes from near and dear ones.

Best jewelry, in gold silver and diamond is all well and good but those who want the same bling but at a lesser cost have immense options just as well! Imitation or artificial jewelry is both cheap and super attractive! Available in n number of patterns, attractive designs and colors which can be match with the colors of your dress.  Platinum is also in great demand along with the diamond , but the pocket constraints I talked about earlier! The jhumkas and the tikaas has its own way of enhancing  the beauty of a bride. With a good hair style and make up.. I just feel like swooning over the look!!


So basically what I want to tell you is that I am all set to start my blogging association with #khoobsurati at their Wedding section…. Hope to give you guys some thing new and interesting with each post!

See you soon!

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