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Weird Things That Happen During Pregnancy!!

You are even thinking about getting pregnant but the odds are….we all are curious to know the symptoms- specially after reading about the “prego” celebs! So, what all happens during this phase? What makes it so different? Just read on as I have dished out some of the weirdest things that happen to a mommy-to-be! Take a look….

You Feel Like You Have Flu!!

….or at least one at a low level but your sure to get this feeling once during the three trimesters! You might feel nauseous at the early stage of pregnancy. The feeling of being wiped out, having high temperature….just like you feel when you have actually have flu!

Your Bust Change!!

Early during the pregnancy, your breasts tend to grow rapidly…they increase to full cap size or more as they are storing fats and milk glands…hence the size increases to prepare for breastfeeding. You might also find the tender.

You Can’t Go To The Loo!!

Pregnancy hormone generally tends to relax your bowel movements and hence food stay longer as your body needs to absorb maximum nutrients for the baby’s growth! As a result of which…you don’t poo so often. Some women complain about constipation as well.

You Hate Food Which You Used To Love!!

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can throw your body out of the whack! 🙁 And you all the more nauseous! Moms-to-be are suddenly turned on by some foods and their favs can turn them off easily! Sense of smell is heightened which can throw you off from certain foods.

Your Feet Grow!!

Your body retains water which can make you feet swelled up during pregnancy. The hormones relax the ligaments in your feet and hence they appear to be wider. They can get permanent in some cases. It can be an annoying problem with the shoe size changing every now and then.

You Feel Like You Have Gas!!

When your baby starts moving in there, it is kinda weird at first! It can feel like a butterfly fluttering- some women think it is more like gastric probs!

Your Skin Color Tend To Change!!

Melesma can develop color change of your skin tone around the face! It is due to the overproduction of melanin in the body. This generally affects your cheek, chin, nose and forehead.

Even after all these issues…pregnancy is the best and the most beautiful phase in any women’s life!  🙂

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