What Does Your Eyebrow Say About You?

Remember what everyone says about your eyes being the windows of your soul. Well, we would say that your eyebrows are the windows to your personality!

Yes, you read that right ladies. Our eyebrows say a lot about our personality and the best way to read a person is to read their eyebrows first.

In this article, we have stated the varied shape of eyebrows along with the personality traits that they express. You check what does your eyebrow shape say about your personality is correct or not. Go ahead and give it a try!

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We will discuss about various eyebrow shapes and what do they reveal about your personality.

1.Normal Eyebrows

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Being artificial or fake is the opposite of your personality. You like everything with its originality and sincerity. You have an integrity for a personality.

2.Extra-long Eyebrows

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You are always curious to try out new things and can handle stress like a pro. Solving your problems yourself is your expertise and interacting with all kinds of people peaks your interest the most.

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3.Short Eyebrows

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Calling you a perfectionist might be the best word to describe your personality. You want things done with perfection too and you prefer to discuss the solution rather than focusing on the problems. After all, minute details matter a lot.

4.Thick Eyebrows

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The best trait of your personality is that you are confident in whatever you are doing and you carry this in enjoying your freedom too. Managing conflicts without getting into the same flow is your personality’s positive effect on people. And you never give a damn about what the world thinks about you!

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5.High-Arched Eyebrows

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Usually, people with high-arched eyebrows set restrictive relationships with the ones they hold dear and are self-centered for the outsiders. But you are the most sensitive and open-hearted one in your entire group.

6.Triangular Eyebrows

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Triangular eyebrows with a sharp and angular shape defines your personality as an entertaining and an inspiring person. You tend to take wiser decisions and assess things very seriously.

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7.Straight Eyebrows

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People with straight eyebrows, who doesn’t have any specific curves, are blunt and with a rational attitude. You don’t mind pointing out other’s mistakes.

8.Fade Eyebrows

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People with fade eyebrows, which are barely visible and has lesser hair, are likely to be shy by nature and don’t have a strong or confident personality. You always doubt while expressing your feelings too.

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Wow, that is so much to know just from your eyebrows. Wonder what other traits could possibly reveal that our eyebrows couldn’t! Share what you think of this, in the comment box below.

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