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What to do when You have Large Pores???

Large pores on your skin occur due to genetic factors or as a result oily skin. Whatever the causes are, large pores act like breeding ground for excess amount of sebum which eventually leads to blackheads, clogging and acne. Making your skin look rough, coarse and uneven, these pores reduce the smoothness of your skin turning it dull and lifeless.

These types of skin conditions aggravate your facial impairments. So implement changes and take steps to rule out the odds from your way to attain excellence in personality.

What to Do???

To reduce your open pores, use products that boost the level of collagen in your skin and tighten your tissues making your pores small. Choose those products which enhance the production of collagen and decrease the pore size making your texture smoother and even.

Vitamin C- Simply add this in your diet to increase the level of collagen in your body. Fruits like oranges, guava, strawberries and papaya are rich in vitamin C. Apart from fruits, there are vegetables which contain vitamin C. Incorporate skin care products that contain Vitamin C as their ingredients. Effective in producing collagen this element when available in bulk will improve the skin texture and beauty.

While exfoliating your skin, use mild scrubs that will reduce the toxins from the skin and revitalize the cells. Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead cells which is essential to retain balance and add firmness to the skin.

Never sleep with your make up on. This will create complications with increase in blemishes and secretion of excess oil from the skin as a result of which open pores become evident.

Keep your skin clean and apply fresh mask which contains no chemicals. Aloe vera, egg and warm water together make a fantastic treatment for your skin to reduce large pores and look vibrant and flawless.

Besides these, you can try some dermatologically proven treatments which are effective to treat large pores-

  1. Chemical Peels In this process the dermatologist employ methods to reduce the dead cells from your skin and clear the clogged pores and whiteheads from your face. This induces the process of cell regeneration and gives you a soft and younger looking skin.
  2. Microdermabrasion Large skin pores or age spots, microdermabrasion will give you instant and effective results. Suitable for both dry and oily skin, you can get it professionally done by a dermatologist after conducting a patch test. However, people with sensitive skin may suffer from side-effects. So take precaution before use.
  3.  Facial- Dermatological facials can treat your skin in a number of ways. Reducing dead cells and other forms of skin impairment, this method reduces the pore size, by increasing collagen and elastin in your skin and giving you a healthy and even texture.

Normally, people with combination or oily skin are more vulnerable to open pores. But to treat it right, take proper care and in any case of any doubt or concern, consult your dermatologist for support and advice.

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