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Band Baaja Baraati/Gharaati

The Brighter, the better! That’s the fashion mantra for any Indian Wedding. Donning riots of bold and mix colours or a sparkling earring will always remain trending if you talk about what to wear in a wedding. So, don’t be afraid if you’ve selected a bold colour and feeling guilty. But, don’t overdo, or else it’ll start hurting the eye.

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It’s a big day for a Bride and the Groom and their families. But, it’s equally important for you to look at your best because your dressing should express you, and not be a show-off. The whole attire must exude simplicity and elegance. And with girls of my age (you know, the marriageable age), it’s imperative to have the best during any wedding. My mother has started over-emphasizing on my dress selection because you might get a prospective groom over there. Matching sandals, matching earrings or necklace, matching bangles, etc. should be proper and not untidy. It’s crazy, but there you go (it’s India!).

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So, have a look at some trending and comfortable dresses which you can choose to wear in the three-day winter wedding season and make yourself up-beat amongst the crowd:

1. Lovely Lehengas:

Lehengas are and will always be a trending and fashionably elegant in any wedding. But also, as pretty they look, lehengas are always a one-time purchase. So, you better search for a right time and a right function to wear a lehenga.

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Fashion has come a long way and the 21st century is seeing quite a lot of variations in the style of designs and ways of wearing them. Colours such as pink, green, yellow, orange and multi-coloured are always a top priority.

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It mostly depends on the shape of your body and which type of lehenga would suit you. Nonetheless, lehengas look beautiful in all the girls however be the shape and size, it makes us look naturally pretty because it’s so Indian!

2. Sensual Saree:

Chic yet elegant. Sarees are a symbol of a traditional Indian woman. Truly speaking, sarees are the best wedding attire for any woman, especially it’s seen more with the married ladies. But, with us bachelorettes, we wear saree mostly on some close relative/friend’s wedding because it’s a special day for not only them but us too.

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Sarees aren’t only the “Desi” stuff, there are hell lot of other designs and developments (for example, draping style, border selection, heavy/light work) in the saree world, thanks to our most creative Indian designers and their replica-makers.

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With ocean of choices in the texture and designing, everyone has a unique liking towards a specific one depending on their choice. So, saree is an awesome choice provided, you know how to carry them (or you will be entangles in the length of it!)

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3. Glamorous Gowns or Long Anarkalis

This is a latest addition to traditional Indian style of wedding. It looks way too elegant and sophisticated. It looks like a pretty angel from the sky is coming down to earth. It is a complete length one piece dress and drapes down touching the floor. Anarkali suits are too loved by girls, and these days full length anarkali dresses are mostly preferred which gives the same look as that of a gown.

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These days, a lot of Hindu or Sikh weddings are seeing young women donning a bright and eye-catching coloured anarkalis with contrasting colour combination makes it stand out from the crowd.

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Moreover, it somewhere enhances your height as well, so it’s liked a lot by all women. Gowns was mostly seen with the brides wearing them in their engagements, but now-a-days, everyone is shifting to this style.

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4. One Piece or “Dress”

A Dress isn’t exactly traditional sort, but it definitely will be an eye-roller for the crowd. Purely on a Western concept, a dress looks absolutely fabulous but only on few girls. If you have a tight toned body, or even if you know how to carry yourself in these knee-length dresses, it’ll look great on you.

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These dresses are as classy in deep dark colours and as girly in sweet supple colours.

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So girls, get into a new Cinderella shoe and wear this body-fit dress and stand out from the rest.

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5. Jolly Jackets

Yes, jackets are the new in-thing. The best thing about jackets is that, you can wear them in any party, it’s not only a wedding purpose wear. This gives a very ethnic yet stylish get up and girls love them.

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The jackets can be of any height, short or long or middle length. N-number of designs and textures highlights the jacket, especially mirror work or flowery work. I just got one for my own, and I’m completely loving the new me.

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So, check this new thing which isn’t that costly and you can wear them anytime.

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Have a Happening Wedding Time!

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