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Green tea, originated mainly in china, is considered to have major health benefits because it undergoes minimal oxidation during its processing. It contains lots of antioxidant compounds which prevents cell damage caused by free radicals and develops immunity to fight against chronic diseases. Here, I have mentioned some facts of green tea that will make you amazed.

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Green tea has various bioactive compounds that help in improving immunity

There are polyphenol present in green tea that includes some very active flavonoids and catechins, which treats in improving various sort of diseases. It has powerful medicinal properties.

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Green tea improves brain functioning and can make it active

A substance that is filled with caffeine acts as the stress buster and doesn’t let you sleep even. There is another substance is known as L methane, this is a very beneficial product which keeps you slim and your skin glow.

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It decreases the risk of cardiovascular or heart disease

It maintains the BP and has an amount of LDL as well as triglycerides that makes your heart strong and condense the bad cholesterol that is very harmful for the blood flow or for the whole system.

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The best thing is it lowers your weight and decrease the risk of being obese

Green tea is very famous in lowering your weight by some of its bitter taste as well as its inbuilt properties that are natural and has no chemicals in that. It helps in removing the extra fat and cellulose which also helps in removing fat from the abdominal part.

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Types of green tea:

Gunpowder green tea: This type of green tea comes with the open pallets that are placed on the hot water, it is made in a very unique way that has its own entity. It consists things that remove dental carries.

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Bancha green tea: It’s one of the least common green tea. It’s low in caffeine but rich in polyphenol which is a very unique thing. This is a combination of bancha tea and toasted rice that is very healthy.

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For you guys, I present some brands of Green tea that are easily available in India:

Twinning Green Tea: Twinning’s green tea has a very soft taste with a good aroma. It does not have as such bad bitter taste. So it’s considered as the best among the other brands.

Organic India Green Tea: This is also one of a very famous brand that is consumed by people. It comes with lots of flavors like Tulisi Ginger Green tea, and many more to suit Indian palate.

Lipton Green Tea: This is a tea product that is found in India and very famous. It has finest tea leaves and active ingredients that is very rarely found.

Yogi Green Tea: This is an antioxidant tea that is also considered as an organic tea. It’s very natural, the taste is very subtle and has a great smell.

These are some of the facts and types of green tea that will make you impressed.

Shruti Nath

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