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Yardley London English Lavender Refreshing Body Spray Review


Product Claims

Yardley London English Lavender body Spray is described as a long lasting, refreshing body spray with a rich, aromatic fragrance that combines the hay-like sweetness of lavender leaves, clary sage and neroli. Along with the purest, natural lavender oil and germanium, there is a deeper fragrance of sandalwood and tonka bean to pamper your senses. This scented body spray keeps your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated all through the day.

PriceINR 150 for 150ml

Shelf Life– 3 years

My take on Yardley London English Lavender body Spray

For me, body sprays are more than something to just keep the body odors at bay. Fragrances are a luxury; they are the ultimate mood enhancers that make you live and sing. One such fragrance is the English Lavender by Yardley London. It is a nice floral English scent dominated by Lavender flower. It’s a very elegant and feminine fragrance that is deep and intense but not at all overwhelming. On applying this calming and soothing fragrance, you feel like standing amidst abundance of purple lavenders, creating a fabulous aura around you.

When you smell good, you feel good, and that’s exactly what this refreshing body spray does for me. I totally love the classic, vintage smell that lasts for just 4 hours, but its mild essence lingers on my body for hours. The product comes in a sleek and simple packaging that you can easily stack in your handbag. It has a nozzle neck and you won’t have to put much pressure for its easy application. It is made tamper proof and protected with a spray lock to prevent shop floor level use.

Photos and Swatches


What I Liked About the Product-

  • Refreshing  and soothing, sweet and musky fragrance
  • Ultra feminine scent
  • Perfect day time deodorant spray for summers
  • Sleek, easy to carry packaging
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not tested on animals

What I didn’t like-

  • High alcohol content that may cause irritation to sensitive skin

Bottom Line

Overall, I would say I really liked the fragrance of the product and it didn’t irritate my skin either. So, if you like floral scents then, this one is for you!

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