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Your Complete Guide of Survival in the Season of Allergies!!

The sun is out and so are the symptoms of allergies! An allergy is nothing but an inflated immune retort to certain substances that are not really harmful. Yes ladies, our immune system tend to get sensitive as the temperature rises and hence we get prone to several allergies. Don’t freak out! Read on and explore some of the most efficient solutions that will keep pesky sneezes a distance away!!

Why And What Is The Worst Allergy Season?

They can either be perennial or seasonal. Trees, grass, outdoor moulds and pollens are responsible for seasonal allergies whereas perennial allergies are usually found indoors. Yes, you heard it right- INDOORS!!

There are certain emotional traumas as well that can result to allergy. Weird but true! Stress, depression and anxiety can be some of the reasons.

Insect sting and conventional drugs such as penicillin can trigger allergies, anytime…anywhere!

What Can Be Done To Keep Allergies At Bay?

You need to eradicate the allergens to treat your allergy. Read on to find certain tips that can help you….

  • Clean your mattress, soft furnishings and upholstery at regular intervals
  • Pillow covers, bed sheets and blankets should be dry cleaned every month
  • Make sure to do dusting with a dampened cloth instead of a dry cloth
  • Ascertain that the house is completely ventilated. It will reduce the humidity
  • People having pets are more prone to allergies. Make sure your dog’s hair, danver and saliva is properly cleaned.
  • Even some cosmetics, emotional distress, anxiety can lead to allergies. Identify your reason!

Is There Any Alternative To Medication?

Yes, there are several alternative to medication for treating allergies. Some of them are mentioned below. Take a look

Steam Inhalation: Congested? Try steam inhalation…it’s one of the finest way of treating any sort of allergy.

Saline Nasal Rinse: It flushes out sinuses with a saline water solution.

Probiotics: Probiotic a.k.a good bacteria are found in yogurt that helps in enhancing the digestion processes as a result the risk of allergy is reduced.

Honey: Just by eating two teaspoon of local honey can alleviate the symptoms of allergy.

When you are hit by any kind of allergy, take a mild anti-allergy tablet and drink lots of water. Be careful and avoid the allergies….they are really annoying and irritating. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit!!

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