10 Affordable And Amazing L’Oréal Paris Beauty Products

If you’re an L’Oréal Lover and want to own some good variety of products in your vanity bag but don’t want to spend much on beauty products, then these products will definitely conclude your hunt. Now that the party season is coming up, you must be spending hours in front of your laptop to find the right products for yourself. So, here we are to ease out your schedule to some bit. Here’s a list with some best yet affordable products from L’Oréal that you might like to try.

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1. L’Oréal Paris Moist Matte Lipsticks

You might remember Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s splendid look which stole the limelight at Cannes Film Festival. The L’Oréal Paris Moist Matte lipsticks came into prominence only after the actress endorsed the brand personally. L’Oréal Paris Moist Matte Lipsticks gives intense moisture while providing a flawless matte finish at the same hand. Its unique formula contains jojoba oil for impeccable moisture along with matte gel technology to create a deep matte look. The high hydration formulation comprises of Omega-3 Oils and the much-needed vitamin E. It’s a perfect lipstick for picture perfect matte look with long lasting moisture. The colour remains intact for almost 6 hours and only requires touch ups after having meals.

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And the good news is, it’s pocket-friendly too.

Price: Rs. 899 for 4.2 g

2. L’Oréal Paris Glam Shine Balmy Gloss Lip Crayon:

My hunt for cute looking fashionable lip balms with a tinge of colours and flavours ceased to this new launch from L’Oréal in the Glam Shine Range. These lip balms look familiar with any other conventional lip balm from Clinique and Revlon. But what packed inside is what made the difference. However only three shades are available in our country, namely, Passionfruit perfect with a red tone, Lychee being light baby pink and Peach Pleasure with a darker shade of pink. It is perfect for me as I wanted a lip balm which will also give my lips an everlasting colour. The only drawback which I personally felt was that there was shimmery look in the colour. Though it is good for those who are okay with the shimmery colours. Quantity is justified so it lasts for months.

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Price: Rs. 475 for 2.5 g

3. L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss Hair Colour

If you love experimenting with your hair colour but doesn’t want to risk your hairs with ammonia rich hair colours, then there is a good news for you. L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss Hair Colour, free from ammonia, leaves your hair with visible shining tone and perfectly blends away the greys. It’s more than a hair colorant, it gives your hair a total beauty treatment with Casting Crème Gloss technique. The colour doesn’t give artificial looks to your hair, which is an add-on for this product. The hair colour lasts approximately a complete month, and it can retain much better if you use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner. It is advisable to use a hair colour before applying the product to prevent any damage caused to the hairs.

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Price: Rs. 459

4. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eye Shadows

It is a great party wear, amalgamation of Smokey black and glittery stars. It is usually preferred to be used during the evening time attributed to the glittery look. It gives your eyes that perfect look you longed for with just one stroke. But you can kick up with a number of strokes to intensify your look. It remains crease free for almost 3-4 hours but requires touch up for that. So, it requires a base so to keep it looking tidy. It is much pigmented soft and almost pertinent kind of eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer in it.

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Price: Rs. 450 for 3.5 g

5. L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise Pearl Perfect Night Cream

This whitening and soothing night cream claim to lighten skin tone and reduce blemishes. It contains Advanced Melanin-Block which regulates the production of melanin to combat skin darkening and age spots. Apart from its lightening properties, UV rays, stress and pollution can lead to the creation of free radicals which cause serious harms on the skin, thus darkening the skin. The cream is infused with vitamin E which fights free radicals while you’re asleep.

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Price: Rs. 599 for 50 g

6. L’Oréal Paris True Match Minerals Foundation

First of all its qualities, it contains SPF 15 and plus it is non-comedogenic, oil-free, perfume free, preservative free and the product is 95% mineral based. It gives a complete foundation like finish and can be even be brought to use as concealer, foundation as well as a finishing powder. It’s not tedious or an impossible task to pick up the right shade for yourself as it only contains three of them- fairs, wheatish and dusky. The final upshot is a matte look for a complete day on your face. It meticulously covers and conceals acne scars and blemishes. The benefit of it being a mineral foundation is that it lets your skin breathe as it doesn’t clog the pores. The SPF15 prevents premature aging of your skin. It camouflages the scars with a single stroke so the quantity is sufficient enough to last more than a month if you’re a regular user.

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Price: Rs. 1095 for 10 g

7. L’Oréal Volume Millions Lashes Mascara

The thing I loved the most about this mascara is that it is already packed with the in-built excess wipers which remove excess of product from the applicator to avoid lumps on your lashes. The mill ionizer brush is flushed with multitudes of bristles to cover up separate lashes for a blown-out lash effect. It is a perfect product for people who have scarce eyelashes but doesn’t want to rely on false eyelashes for some special occasions. The mascara dries out very quickly within seconds. It volumizes as well as lengthens the eyelashes simultaneously. It holds up the curling effect for up to 10 hours which is more than just enough. So, go for it if you’re looking for a jet black mascara for hyper stretched eyelashes.

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Price: Rs. 600 for 32 g

8. L’Oréal Super Liner Instant Impact Felt Eyeliner Pen

It is the easiest eyeliner you can ever come across. It can easily make winged eyeliners as well as thin lines. The felt tip is firm enough to line the eyes with utmost precision, plus it doesn’t feel hard on eyelids. It redefines your eyelids with a perfect jet black finish. With a bit of sheen and glossiness, it gives the perfect look to your eyes. For those with shaky hands, it is a must buy for you to rock that perfect winged liner. Moreover, it isn’t heavy on your pockets either.

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Price: Rs. 695

9. L’Oréal Matte Morphose Souffle Foundation

It is a very light textured soufflé which spreads evenly on your skin without leaving white lines and blemishes. It seamlessly covers even the minutest spot on your face and the appearance of fine lines are reduced to minimal. Plus, the skin doesn’t feel flaky, instead, it feels peachy-soft. Unlike other foundations, it blends perfectly with the skin without giving it a made up look. For those with an acne prone skin, this is just a blessing with disguise. It doesn’t cause or aggravate break outs. It lasts up to 6 to 7 hours even in the humid climate, requiring only little touch ups. The only thing which you’ll be left desiring for will be the quantity of the product.

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Price: Rs. 1095 for 20 ml

10. L’Oréal Resist and Shine Titanium Nail Paint

If you’re looking for a nail paint to be as vibrant in colour as it is long-stay, then this product will get you zeroed at it. It is enriched with silk protect which is shock resistant and protects the shine even days after the application. It is also blessed with Ceramide R which smoothens and protects the surface of your nails. So, goodbye to dull and chippy nails. There are 15 to 16 shades available in India online and as well as on stores. A single coat on your nail will last up to 5 to 6 days after which it will start getting faded away. It also comes with good spreadability and a sleek brush for precise application. It doesn’t decolorize your nails after you get rid of it. It is a great value for your money and practically long lasting. And above, Titanium gives your nails an unfailing strength. It is a quick drying nail paint, so forget to smudge your hands on your bedsheets from now.

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Price: Rs. 400 for 9 ml