10 Amazingly Unknown Facts About McDonald’s

You can’t resist the tempting delicious fragrance and flavors of McDonald’s, can you? I guess, nobody can! But did you know these facts about McDonald’s that will leave you amazed and shocked?

Wherever you see the McDonald’s outlet, you instantly jump in without blinking an eye and enjoy your favorite meals with friends or family or even alone sometimes. Be it a shopping day, or some friends get together or a party day with friends, you pick McDonald’s as your first preference, because it not only serves you the most delicious hamburgers but also is extremely affordable for everyone.

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But there are even some unknown facts that you are unaware of about this amazing place of delicacy, that we will unveil in front of you in this article:

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1. Before Hamburgers, They Sold Hot Dogs
McDonald’s got its name officially on December 12, 1948, but way before that it was known as The Airdrome and Bar-B-Que Store in 1937 and 1940 respectively. They use to sell hot dogs and barbeque items only during that phase, and later in 1948, they started it from a completely revised menu with hamburgers and a bag of fries.

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2. The Employment Rate In American McDonald’s is One in Eighth of Every Person
Burgers do not just mean life to the Americans, but they also make the living out of it. Almost a million job seekers are hired every year at ‘The Happy Meal’ factory in America, making the world’s largest employer. Although, the pay is very low with no benefits at low-skilled level.

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3. A McDonald’s Restaurant Opens Every 14.5 Hours Around the World
The present countries serving McDonald’s delicacies are 119, where America alone has the 40% of stores in its share. On the top of which, they are expanding every minute of the day, making an annual revenue of around $28 million.


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4. The Golden ‘M’ Is Not Golden Everywhere
Did you know that the McDonald’s iconic ‘M’ is more famous than the cross around the world and especially Americans? Well, you do know now! Also, that this icon that represents McDonald’s restaurant is not in golden light everywhere. In Paris, it is in white neon light arches to blend in with the streets and in Arizona it is in turquoise arches.

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5. Other Unhealthy Items Than Hamburgers Alone
Isn’t it obvious, no matter how much you say or try to think of a junk food as a healthy meal, it won’t turn into one. McDonald’s is also another place which serves a long list of unhealthy fattening items from hamburgers to Caesar Salad to fries and colas and ice-creams. If you don’t believe us then try to live on their menu for a week, and you’ll notice the obesity-Ville you’ve made in your life.

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6. The Largest Distributer of Toys Is McDonald’s
That’s given a long time ago, when they started their happy meals for kids and adults with surprising action figures in them, because who doesn’t love toys! Every time a superhero movie is released, McDonald’s has its toys ready to tempt the millions with its unfailing schemes.

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7. The Largest Employer Is Not The Largest Restaurant Chain In The World
Subway took that crown a long time ago, of being the world’s largest chain of restaurants, with its healthy sandwiches and salads of different flavors. Although we would love to think of McDonald’s to be the one but that’s not true people.

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8. The Not-So-Known McDonald’s University
Yes! You read that absolutely correct, guys. There is a McDonald’s University in which they teach you how to make McDonald’s hamburgers, with a graduate degree in Hamburgerology. Almost over 80,000 has already passed out from this university. Looks like McDonald’s takes its Hamburgers seriously after all!

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9. Being A Fast Food Joint It Suggests You To Stay Away From Junk Food
Of course, they care about your health, that’s why their website says you must avoid junk food even though it’s a fast food joint that is known only for its specialty in hamburgers and fries.

10. Big Mac Is Nothing But An Economic Index
Hamburger doesn’t discriminate in who you are, neither do we, be it nerds or shopaholics, everyone loves them equally. The Big Mac is nothing but a tool to compare the purchasing power amongst the currencies and countries.

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Now that you all this, are you ever gonna look at your hamburger the same way you used to? Share your comments below!


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