10 Beauty Secrets of Priyanka Chopra That Will Blow Your Mind!

Priyanka Chopra is ruling both of the worlds simultaneously-Bollywood and Hollywood. So it is obvious that she has to look the best of both the worlds. She definitely invests a fortune for her skin and hair beauty. You will be surprised to know that like us, she also believes in some home remedies to keep her skin young and glowing.

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Scroll down to raise the curtains from the beauty secrets of Priyanka Chopra!

1. She changes her entire skincare regime every six months. She always uses the high-end moisturizers for her skin. Clarins, La Prairie, La Mer and SK-II are her favorite brands for skincare products.

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2. Piggy Chops have a glass of coconut water to quench the thirst of her skin. she believes that coconut water keeps her skin healthy and glowing. She uses coconut oil for deep conditioning her hair.

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3. Her skincare and makeup products cost her Rs. 80,000 per day! That’s more than most of the people’s monthly salary.

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4. She drinks a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach to keep her skin clean and glowing.

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5. Piggy Chop’s mother is a dermatologist in Mumbai, so she gets her clean-up and peels done by her mother itself.

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6. She never skips her C-T-M routine no matter how hectic her schedule is. She is very strict about her beauty rules. She moisturizes her face twice a day.

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7. Priyanka Chopra cleanses her face using Yogurt. Though it smells yucky, but it hydrates her skin. She has a dry skin so she always relies on Yogurt to clean her face. She does this routine when she has too much of time. She even uses Yogurt to clean her body as well.

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8. Priyanka Chopra trusts Bio Oil for her face and entire body to keep it blemish-free. But she also warns the oil skin people to refrain from using the Bio Oil.

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9. She shares her technique of grooming her eyebrows. She brushes her hair in the upward direction and then fills it with color. She then brushes it back to the place. This gives a natural look to her brows.

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10. Whenever she feels that her skin is looking dull, she uses the MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick to brighten up her face instantly. A bright shade wakes up your tired skin. If you don’t feel like wearing makeup, just swipe a bright shade on your lips. This will draw the attention away from your skin to your lips.

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