Benefits of Feeding the Birds

10 Benefits of Feeding the Birds

Every year, thousands of birds wander from place to place in search of food and shelter under the burning sun. But, not all of them are blessed with a favorable environment. And for this reason, the number of the birds is decreasing day by day. But, do you guys know a fact that feeding these homeless birds can actually help in improving your life? Yes, feeding birds has a number of benefits for you and your family members as it helps to remove all the doshas and other effects of the planets. So, today in this article, we have listed some benefits of feeding the birds.

1. Benefits your health

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According to Hindu scriptures offering food to the birds is beneficial for you and your family’s health. So, always try to offer food to the birds.

2. Pleases Shani Dev

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It is said that feeding birds can help remove the graha doshas present in your kundali. Besides this, it also helps to please Lord Shani Dev. He is said to remove all the difficulties from a person’s life and helps them achieve success.

3. Helps you get rid of mental problems

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Suffering mental problems is very common nowadays in this rapidly changing environment. And if you consult an astrologer regarding this, they will also suggest you feed birds as it is considered as the best remedy to get rid of the mental issues, even the minor tensions.

4. Maha Dasha of Rahu and Ketu

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It is said that if your Birth Chart has Maha Dasha of Rahu and Ketu, then feeding birds can effectively remove that Maha Dasha.

5. Helps you win court cases

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If you feed birds in an earthen container, it is said that it can help you win court cases. If you are frequently visiting courts, then it means that there is something wrong in your birth chart. So, it is advised to feed birds to get rid of this issue.

6. Can help you earn your parents blessings

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If your relationship with your parents is not doing well or they are disappointed with your decision, then using this remedy can help you win their blessings. Feeding birds are also known as the most recommended remedy to improve the relationship between children and parents.

7. Effects of planet Venus

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It is said offering food and water to the birds can help in reducing the bad effects caused by the wrong placement of Venus in the birth chart.

8. Helps you buy a new house

Helps you buy a new houseImage source:

If you are planning to buy a new house, then your wish will be fulfilled soon if you start feeding birds on regular basis. And if you have already bought the house but you are facing difficulties to move in, then also you should try this remedy.

9. Effects of Sun

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Surya Dev is known as the Lord of the sun, who is also associated with success and respect. It is said that one who worships Lord Surya is blessed with respect in the society. And feeding birds also pleases Lord Surya Dev.

10. Promotes love among family members

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It is said that if you provide water to the birds, it can bring satisfaction to your house. It also helps to remove all the misunderstandings and fights between your family and flourishes love.

So, these were the few benefits of feeding the birds.

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