Music is something that has the ability to soothe our souls. And if we look back the music is now divided into different decades like the one of AR Rahman and the other is of Honey Singh. But, there was a time during the 90s when the songs were made which were full of emotions. And you will agree to this that there is no comparison of those compositions with the latest tracks. So, remembering the golden era here we have listed some popular Hindi pop songs from the 90s.

1. Sukhbir- Ishq Tera Tadpave

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This song is the ‘JAAN’ of every party.

2. Annamika- Kahin Karta Hoga

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This song can make you believe in fairytales.

3. Alisha Chinai- Made in India

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This song had its own charm.

4. Shubha Mudgal- Ab Ke Sawan

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Best song to celebrate the arrival of monsoon.

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5. KK- Yaaron

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This song just touched our souls. Don’t you think?

6. Euphoria- Maaeri

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This was the most amazing song which can still be found on our playlist.

7. Silk Route- Dooba Dooba

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Considered as one of the finest songs of Mohit Chauhan.

8. Suneeta Rao- Pari Hu Mai

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This is definitely the dream song of every girl.

9. Malkit Singh- Gur Naal Ishq Mitha

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We can still hear this song during the wedding celebrations.

10. Aryans- Ankhon Mai Tera Hi Chehra

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The younger Shahid looked so cute in this song.

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