Although February is officially the season of love. But our lovebirds don’t seek a season to express their love PUBLICLY. What these lovebirds don’t think about are the ‘Forever Single’ clan. There are some people who aren’t dating or have never experienced this funny little thing called love. All this mush makes you uneasy, especially if you’re a girl. Being single has lot many perks but only till you spot a PDA-ish couple in public.

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1. Can’t They Get a Room? *Urgh*
You spot a couple kissing under a tree and instead of going mushy over them, you instantly turn your gaze away from them. You feel a little wretched, admit it.

2. How Did She Manage to Get Him? She Clearly Doesn’t Deserve Him!
You find a couple and the lady is not as par with her boyfriend when looks are concerned. You have a virtual argument with God, even the girls of her kind have a boyfriend and you’re here, forever single.

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3. The Universe is Trying to Make Me Feel Inferior About Myself!
You were happily single and you’re happily single until you saw this so-much-in-love couple at the café. They make you feel like you’re missing out on something in life. You try to ignore the couple however still trying to catch a glimpse of what they’re doing.

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4. Why Am I Single?
Now the introspection begins. Why the hell am I single? What’s wrong with me? Especially when your bestie is in a relationship, too! You feel like there’s something wrong with you that the guys don’t want to date you.

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5. You Assume That You’re Too Hot to be Dated
You coax yourself by saying there isn’t a man who can handle as hotness as you have. You’re too strong and hot to be handled by a man.

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6. Will I End Up Being Alone for Lifetime?
Then this dreadful thought crosses your mind, what if you fail to find a suitable match for yourself forever? What if all your friends get into a relationship or get married and there you are, alone in the single’s league.

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7. I Should Adopt a Dog
After all, dogs are more faithful than men are. A dog will stay by you all the time and this way, you won’t feel the need to have someone special in your life. But you cannot marry a dog, can you?

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8. It Must be So Amazing to Call Someone with Those Cute Nicknames
You get back to the mushier side of your heart. You feel how awesome it must be to have someone by your side. Whom you can call names, cuddle with, hug and kiss.

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9. I Hope I will Find Love Someday
With a hope in your heart, you are reminded you must keep yourself together till the right person arrives. You can wait for the right guy, no matter how long it takes.

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10. Food! Food is the Love of My Life. Waiter? One More Pizza!
You’re back to your independent and sexy woman plight and realise that food is the ultimate love of your life. No one can replace your love for food and you’re not going to give up on food for any guy.

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Single or taken, you should be proud and content just the way you are. Just because you’re not in a relationship, doesn’t mean that you’ll never be. Wait for the right time. There might be someone who’s thinking just the way you think when they see a couple in public.

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