10 Daily Life Problems Every Indian Woman Has to Face!

We can take pride in the fact that India is no longer the land of Sati practice, but unfortunately it still somehow manages to make things bitter for women. The modern Indian Woman is still amidst the struggle to establish herself and make her way out of the stereotypical gloom. There are certain problems which only an Indian woman can understand as she’s made to go through them every day.

1. Juggling between family and work life
Indian in-laws are known to be very supportive in this case. All a working woman has to do is to kick-start her day 2 hours before everyone else, so that she can finish off all the household chores like cooking, packing lunch, cleaning the house, getting the clothes ready for her husband and what not. If she finds enough time, she hastily gets herself ready to start her own day at work.

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2. Unprecedented groping and touching incidents in public transport
Now the situation has reached the extreme low that the women now have to board the bus with a pin in their hand to puncture the hands of anyone who tries to touch them in a lewd manner. The day is not so far when pepper spray will become the national object for Indian Women.

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3. An overly interested landlord about her comings and goings
Being a woman, desiring for some personal space is some serious offence. And you’ll be punished with an over-spying landlord who has skills no less than Sherlock Holmes. They think they are divinely entitled to play an undercover agent to keep an eye on you. And if there are men at your house, you can call it an apocalypse!

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4. Look what she’s wearing!
Yes, this is what you’re going to listen from the bystanders if you’re wearing an above-knee length dress. And if it is backless or off-shoulder, expect something more than this. Well, I agree that this is not the case in each and every part of the country. But yes, most of them have people as such.

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5. Workplace harassment is still the least talked about
Inappropriate behaviour on the roads are often noticed by the people, but what happens behind the closed doors of an organisation is something which goes unreported. But lend me your ears, ladies. Get some thorough understanding of Vishakha Guidelines.

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6. Women have salaries lesser than that of the men!
Yes, sadly it’s still there. You must be wondering why Deepika Padukone never earns more than Salman Khan. The lack of talent is it? No, my dear. Lack of equality it is!

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7. Are you 24? Okay, get married now!
This is what you’ve to do if you want to save your arse from the pestering uncles and aunties; they are no less than any of the matrimonial websites around! Trust me. If you don’t want to get married, leave the planet.

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8. Lone women traveller, only ‘sounds’ good
You must have watched that flick ‘Queen’ and thought about travelling alone just like Rani. But this remains to be the distant dream for most of the women, thanks to the ‘Akeli Ladki Khuli Tijori’ mentality of men.

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9. Can’t Stay Late at a Party
Because you don’t have your own car or a bike and using public transport at this time of the night is dangerous as hell in our country. If you’re a black belt, you can think about it once.

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10. If you’re into sports, no one will see you as a woman!
Because according to the oh-so-sweet people of our country, women don’t play and those who does, are not women at the first place. You must have had a little moral uplift after watching Mary Kom, didn’t you? We wish that this prejudice will finally be reversed.

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