10 Easy Ways to Tell If Your Skin Is Healthy

Do you believe that your skin is healthy? Having a skin free of pimple is healthy? No, mere a pimple-free skin is no assurance that your skin is healthy. A healthy skin holds many aspects in regard, like even skin tone, hydration, etc. So, the next time you stand in front of the mirror, evaluate your skin closely. These 10 signs will help you find out whether your skin is healthy or not.

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1. Healthy Skin is Hydrated If you constantly feel a layer of dead skin cells on your face, then the news isn’t good for you. Your skin lacks hydration. There’s no doubt that a pimple-free skin looks impressive from a distance. But a dehydrated skin never feels good to touch and is not healthy at all. Drink a lot of water to get rid of the dehydrated skin. And don’t forget to slather some water-based moisturizer on your skin.

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2. Even-Toned Skin Do you see dark patches of skin on your face? Is your skin not of same colour throughout? It is a sign that your skin isn’t healthy completely. No matter how dark or light your skin is. The thing is, it should be even. Dark circles and patchy skin indicate that you need extra care for your skin.

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3. Soft and Smooth Skin Blackheads, whiteheads and bumps indicate that your skin is not properly cleansed. If you notice whiteheads or blackheads on your skin, this means that you need to take special care of your skin. Include decent amounts of vitamin A, C and E in your diet.

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4. Normal Skin is Ideal Ideally, your skin shouldn’t bother you throughout the day. An itchy or inflamed skin is an indicator of bad skin health. If your skin feels tight and stretched, this means it needs proper moisturization. Don’t use cleansing products that are too harsh on your skin.

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5. Pimple-Free Skin As I’ve told earlier, a pimple-free skin is the first sign of a healthy skin. If you’re getting adult acne, then it is something to be concerned. Either you suffer from clogged pores or your cleansing routine is not to the point. Wash your face twice a day to maintain a pimple-free skin.

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6. Open Pores Open pores give an uneven appearance to your skin. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and use an alcohol-free toner to shrink your open pores. Never skip the toner if you suffer from open pores problems.

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7. Redness Redness on cheeks or any other part of your face indicates that your skin is inflamed. Use an anti-inflammatory moisturizer to reduce the redness. Use products that are primarily made for sensitive skin.

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8. Sunspots Sun spots are a big NO for healthy skin. It simply means that you’re not wearing a proper sunscreen and you’re spending too much time out in the sun. Wear a proper sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Don’t skip the sunscreen even if it is cloudy.

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9. Fine Lines Look closely near your mouth and eyes. Can you see the fine lines? Sagging and wrinkles in your 20s can be a reason of worry. You should include a lot of antioxidants in your diet. Fancy a cup or two of green tea. The antioxidants fight the destructive action of free radicals on collagen and elastin.

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10. Glow on Your Skin If your skin glows even without a hint of makeup, then it is a good sign. A well-hydrated, exfoliated and taken care of skin doesn’t need makeup to add radiance. Use a proper night cream and you’ll see the difference in your skin.

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