10 Funny Lies Parents Tell Their Kids!

For every kid, their parents are like superheroes who are more than capable to solve all the problems of our life without any difficulty. We always look up to them for their guidance and they always try to teach us important values of life. And, being children, we follow them without a single question.

But when we grow up, we gradually realize that all the things that we were told in our childhood, do not actually work in the real world. Those are nothing but tricks and lies parents tell their kids.

Check them out!

1. You are the gift of god/ You were born when mom and dad hugged each other tight/ An angel dropped you at our doorstep.

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I’m sure that most of us were in a shock after knowing the truth that none of the above things were true.

2. First, eat your vegetables and later you can eat anything you like!

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Well, now we know that it was nothing but a trick to make us eat greens.

3. The things that you are studying now will help you later.

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I’m still waiting for the time when I can use stuff like ‘Geometry’ and ‘Trigonometry’ in real life.

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4. Don’t drink too much tea or coffee as it will make you dark.

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Now, we know that color of the skin has nothing to do with tea or coffee. Now, we drink it 24×7 but look the same.

5. You won’t need your parents when you are all grown up.

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This is one of the biggest lies parents tell their kids! We always need them for their valuable guidance.

6. You can’t have kids without getting married.

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Really, mom and dad!

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7. Your life will become easier if you study hard for 12th standard exams.

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Well, I don’t think so. Life is like a game and it gets tougher with every stage.

8. Your life will become awesome once you get into the top college.

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Life will become awesome in dreams. Now, there more competition to handle.

9. Work hard and you won’t need to worry about money in future.

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Money is always the biggest concern for everyone and it demands constant hard work.

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10. Marriage is forever! Neighbour and Relatives do not respect a divorcee.

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You have only one life. Do not waste valuable time by carrying the burden of a relationship just to please other people.


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