Just like Game of Thrones, there are many things that are overrated. The list can go on till eternity. Snapchat filters, Prisma, Pokémon GO! And what not! But the overrating endeavours are not limited to social networking apps or filters, some foods are utterly overrated I think. Just because a person likes a particular dish doesn’t mean that everyone else has too. Here is the list of 10 such Indian dishes that don’t deserve the hype to such an extent.

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1. Rajma Chawal
Many would flinch on seeing this name, but it is true. If it is your favourite, then that’s where it should stop. It doesn’t have to the favourite for everyone else as well. some people get acidity after eating it.

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2. Shahi Paneer
What’s so ‘Shahi’ about Shahi Paneer? Is there something royal used to prepare the dish? Or the Kings and Queens are the cooks? And the sweetness in the gravy leaves behind a sickening aftertaste in your mouth.

Indian Dishes2Image Source: archanaskitchen

3. Baingan ka Bharta
How poor baingan is immolated on fire to prepare this dish! To be very frank, this dish is nothing but a mashed brinjal curry. Nothing else. And what is the need to burn the brinjal on the first hand? It can be boiled too!

Indian Dishes3Image Source: ctimg

4. Kaju Katli
Some people can’t imagine a festival going without the Kaju Katli. Some even munch on 10-12 pieces of Kaju Katli at once. To be honest, this sweet doesn’t take taste any different than the other Indian Sweets. And the rate? 700rs a kilo? Are you kidding me!

Indian Dishes4Image Source: jagdishfarshan

5. Chinese Bhel
Why on earth would someone do this to our traditional Bhel? Just because we love everything when it’s Chinese! Spare a Bhel, for god sake. The simple traditional puffed rice Bhel is much better than this ‘Chinese Bhel’ made out of noodles.

Chinese Bhel5Image Source: wixstatic

6. Pickle
I wonder why some people can’t have their meals without a pickle. They eat pickle with almost everything, whether it’s a paratha or a biryani. Pickle is good, but definitely not indispensable.

Indian Dishes6Image Source: wikimedia

7. Vada Pav
Though I like Vada Pav, but there are these North Indians who can’t make out why people love this mashed potato between a bun so much. On the same hand, a Mumbaikar can’t even imagine his life without Vada Pav.

Indian Dishes7Image Source: mouthshut

8. Dal Makhani
The dal without butter itself tastes so good. Why there is a need to slather it with butter to make it more loaded with fats? This is just an updated version of Dal Tadka just to increase its price on the Restaurant menu.

Indian Dishes8Image Source: wordpress

9. Butter Chicken
Ask a Punjabi, what Butter Chicken is to him. It is appetizing, there’s no doubt about that. But all the chicken curries taste just the same. There is nothing so prominent about butter chicken.

Indian Dishes9Image Source: ytimg

10. Petha
This is the only thing in the list which I can’t stand at all! And I bet there are many people who’ll just humbly nod their heads into a ‘NO’ when they are asked to eat Petha. It’s just like a candy, soaked in an excess of sugar syrup.

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