Salt is the main ingredient of every cuisine, whether it’s Chinese, Thai or Indian. No single main course or snack is complete without a pinch of salt. But is that all about common salt? Are we still missing out on few things? Yes, we are! Salt is not mere a culinary ingredient. There is a lot more to salt that we still don’t know. Come let’s read what the other uses of common salt are…

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1. Vegetable Cleaner
Salt is an excellent anti-microbial. You can use a pinch of salt in water to detoxify your veggies of pesticides and insecticides. Such an inexpensive way to clean your veggies, isn’t it?

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2. Clean Artificial Flowers and Leaves
Spraying water on them can damage them permanently. Keep them in a plastic pouch full of salt. Shake them. This will shudder off most of the dirt and dust settled on the petals.

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3. Cleaning Kitchen Sink
The water stains on the steel sink can be cleaned using salt. Sprinkle some salt in your kitchen sink and leave it for few minutes. Rub your sink using a sponge. The water stains will gradually go away.

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4. Clean Metal Artefacts
The copper, brass and silver artefacts by rubbing salt over them. You can also use a mixture of salt and charcoal to clean the oxidised metals.

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5. Clean Wooden Furniture
Add some salt to warm water and soak a washcloth in it. Wipe your wooden furniture with this washcloth. Wipe it again with a dry washcloth. Voila!

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6. Shoo the Ants Away!
Sprinkle some salt around the places where the ants are seen the most. Ants are highly repelled by the salt. They will go away on their own in no time.

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7. Kill the Weeds
No need to manually pull the weed out. Sprinkle some salt on them. They will not be able to grow again.

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8. Keep Milk Fresh for Longer Time
Add just a pinch of salt to the milk to keep it fresh and unspoilt for a longer time. You can extend the shelf life of your milk with the help of salt.

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9. Eliminate Odour from Shoes, Cupboards and Almirahs
Don’t waste your favourite perfume to eliminate the odour. Sprinkle some salt in the places where it’s smelling bad. The odour will vanish away gradually.

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10. Strong Teeth
Salt in the toothpaste has become a common and easily available thing. But if you add natural salt to your toothpaste while brushing your teeth, you will notice that you’re facing lesser dental problems and your teeth are whiter than before.

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