10 Reasons Why Your Skin Is Breaking Out


Despite taking proper care of your skin, do you still suffer skin breakouts? If yes, then you should know the reason behind this. There are several women out there who are trying out everything in order to keep their skin healthy still, they are affected by breakouts. The common reasons include clogged pores, lifestyle habits, and hormonal changes. Besides this, there are various other surprising reasons why your skin is breaking out.

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1. You don’t change your pillowcase regularly

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Well, you will be surprised to know this but, if you don’t change your pillowcases regularly, it might cause skin breakouts. Pillows are more to impurities and dust. And when your skin is exposed to these impurities, there are chances that your skin might break out. So, it is advised that you should change your pillowcase frequently to avoid breakouts.

2. You have dandruff

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Another reason that can lead to skin breakout. It is said that people who have this hair problem are more likely to suffer from skin breakout.

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3. Eating lot of spicy food

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It may sound weird, but, eating a lot of spicy food can affect the health of your skin because it imbalances the pH level of the skin, and also, leads to annoying breakouts.

4. Using expired makeup

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All makeup products are produced with an expiry date. And using them after that can affect your skin adversely and might even lead to acne breakouts. So, to prevent this skin condition, it is suggested that you should discard all the expired makeup products in order to keep your skin healthy.

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5. Not cleaning your phone

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This might surprise you that when you don’t clean your mobile phone with a disinfectant, then you make yourself exposed to harmful bacteria which later can lead to breakouts. So, to prevent this, it is suggested that you should clean your phone regularly with a disinfectant.

6. Frequently touching face

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Throughout the day, our hands come in contact with various things, and they become more prone to bacteria and germs. And, when you frequently touch your face, the germs on your hands get transferred to your face which later cause skin breakout. So, it is advised that you should avoid touching your face or your skin will get exposed to germs.

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7. Not cleaning your makeup brush

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Makeup brushes can become the breeding ground for the acne-causing bacteria if not cleaned on regular basis. So, it is suggested, that you should clean your makeup brush regularly to prevent a breakout.

8. Scrubbing aggressively

Scrubbing aggressivelyImage source:

Scrubbing your face roughly can break your skin’s barrier and may lead to a breakout. Be it your exfoliator or face wash, always clean up your skin gently to avoid skin damage.

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9. Stress

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Being under stress can also affect your skin’s health and cause breakouts because stress leads to a chemical response in your body which makes you prone to various skin conditions.

10. Not washing your face after a workout

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It is true that regular exercise can do wonders for your health and skin. But, taking care of your skin is also important after a session because not cleaning your skin after a workout may clog up your pores and can lead to breakouts. So, it is suggested that you should wash your face right after your workout followed by a moisturizer.

So, these were the few reasons why your skin is breaking out.


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