10 ‘Sanskari’ Things You Have to Face If You’re a Desi Indian Girl

Sooraj Barjatya’s movies are out of fashion now. But it left behind something for us as a token of love. And that’s Alok Nath’s Sanskar. And guess what? Being a typical Indian girl, you have to take it bit by bit. We have to abide by the absurd and illogical rules set by the society for us. We often go through the occasional outbursts against this utter bullshit, but we are mostly subsided by our parents. So here’s some humour extracted from the situations every typical Indian girl has to face.

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1. You have to learn cooking because, “How your husband will survive if you don’t know how to cook?”. Cooking is a pre-requisite for marriage.

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2. The Length of Your Skirt defines your ‘Sanskar’. Mini Skirt means you’re inviting trouble.

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3. The gap between your saree and blouse is a tradition, but a gap between your crop top and jeans is a disgrace. It will repel your future husband.

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4. The colour of your skin is directly proportional to your success. The fairer you are; more successful you’ll be. And Fair and Lovely is the solution to each and every problem you face in your life.

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5. Aunties will suddenly transform into marriage bureau when you get 25. All the conversation will start from a water bottle and end up on your marriage.

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6. Your period is the Victoria’s secret. And it shouldn’t be let at any cost. And sanitary napkins? Carrying them is just like having a bag full of Cocaine with you.

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7. Boys can drink, but alcohol in your hand is nothing less than ‘Ghor Anarth’. No one will marry a girl who drinks.

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8. You can’t dress the way you want. Log Kya Kahenge?

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9. You can’t be fully dresses up all the time. people are always ready with their Buri Nazar to curse your destiny.

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10. You can’t get dressed up and put makeup as it might entice men. You know men are just like the pack of hungry wolves ready to prowl on you like you were a piece of meat.

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