10 Simple Steps To Rock A Flawless Makeup Look At The Weddings

A season of weddings and celebratory occasions, which means that most of you must be rushing to the parlor every now & then, to get that flawless makeup look to flaunt.

But we are sure that none or very less of you must have given attention to what comes first and what follows afterward, throughout the makeup session. Now wondering on how to carelessly spend so much on every single makeup session, for just one day of the occasion. Don’t worry ladies, we are here to the rescue!

In this article, you will read some useful tips on how to get your makeup done by yourself, at home, while targeting for that flawless look like parlor waali didi does. Follow these steps in the exact same order and you will be stunned to see the results afterwards.

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1. Moisturize First and Then Use Primer Later

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Apply your regular moisturizer and give it time to seep into your skin at least 15 mins before you start to apply the foundation. Use a face primer, if you can, after moisturizing your face and before applying the foundation. It will only make your foundation and other makeup help last longer.

2. Time to Apply the Foundation

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Powder, cream or liquid, pick any type of foundation that suits well on your skin. Pick a foundation that matches your skin tone, not a shade lighter or darker. If you are using a liquid or gel-based foundation then set it with a loose powder.

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3. Move on To the Eyeshadows

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Remember this, your eyes must always ‘compliment’ your dress, not match them. Always use complimenting or opposite colors for the eyeshadows. The best way to highlight a good eyeshadow is to use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply the shade and then a dome-shaped brush for blending them all. Apply darker shades on the crease and make it lighter up till the brow bone.

4. Now Kajal First, Then Follow with An Eye Liner

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Apply black liner on the lash line, and experiment with blue, brown, green or black Kajal for the waterline. A winged liner suits the best for Indian skin, but you can also keep it minimal or simple quarter-moon shaped. Always keep in mind that never compliment red lips with smokey eyes, its ‘smokey eyes with nude lips’ or ‘neutral/nude eyes with bright lips’.

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5. Curl Up Those Long Lashes and Coat with Mascara

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It is extremely important that you curl your eyelashes first and then apply the mascara later, otherwise, your lashes will break. Curling your eyelashes will define their look and make your eyes look ‘awake’. Then applying a mascara from the roots of your eyes through the tips, while wiggling the want in the zigzag motion, to add volume and definition to your eyelashes.

6. Blush The Cheeks

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Get that rosy blush for your cheeks by applying some blush on their high-rise points. To know your high-rise points, simply smile in front of a mirror and you see where you need to add blush to your cheeks. Stroke in the upwards direction from the middle of your face, heading towards your hairline.

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7. Contour and Highlight Are Up Next

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Contouring and highlighting help define the features of your face. Contour your cheeks with a contour stick at least two shades darker than your skin color. Apply the contour on the hollow of your cheeks and blend it well, making sure that no lines are visible after that. For highlighting, you can take a shimmer blush or just powder to highlight the plains of your cheeks and T-zone. This will fake a sheen look for your face.

8. Draw the Line on Those Luscious Lips

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Make sure that you have moisturized your lips before applying any makeup on them. A lip moisturizer or a lip balm will do the trick. Then remove the excess lip balm using a tissue. Now take the lip pencil, a shade darker or of a similar shade to your lipstick or lip color. Line up those luscious lips to set a boundary and outline the boldness.

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9. Fill Up with the Lip Color

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The best to make your lipstick last for longer is to apply a little foundation or lip primer on your lips first and then run the lip color. Then blot your lips with a tissue or blotting paper and then apply another coat of your lip color. Finish off with dusting some settling powder.

10. Put on That Million-Dollar Smile!

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Remember one thing, the key to look beautiful is to carry yourself with confidence and putting on that million-dollar smile! Don’t worry if you haven’t followed a certain step to the point.

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Now that you have the access to the secret to that perfect look, we are sure you will rock the wedding with your flawless beauty. Tell us if you think we are missing out on something important and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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