10 Sure Shot Ways To Gain Weight Quickly!

People with a leaner frame blame their genetics and their rocket-fast metabolism for their body type. While most of the people are trying to lose kilos, there are some people who lie at the end of the spectrum. They are trying to gain weight instead. Gaining weight is even more daunting than losing your love handles. The only healthy way to gain weight is to maintain a proper diet and do some exercises. This will not only make you gain weight but will help you maintain the ideal weight always. Here are 10 sure shot ways which will help you gain weight quickly.

1. Have a balanced diet
Balanced diet here means you should have a proper diet which is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and right kind of fats. You can eat dairy products like milk, paneer, ghee, and cream to gain weight. Prefer eggs over veggies. Eat those foods which are high in protein content, like beans, pulses, peas and chicken. You can also have high starch food for weight gain.

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2. Take right amount of calories
The ideal calorific requirement of an average male is 2200 while for a female it is 1900. So your primary agenda should be to consume at least 1000 extra calories for gaining weight. Eat 5 meals per day divided into small portions.

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3. Take adequate amount of protein
Your muscles need protein to build up. But this doesn’t imply that you completely omit carbohydrates and fats. They contribute majorly to weight gain, so never replace them with protein.

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4. Eat as much as you can
Never skip meals. Consume as many calories as you can. Munch on some cheesy snacks, milkshakes or fully loaded breakfast bars. Don’t put any restriction on your food cravings.

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5. Drink lots of milk and fruit juices
Fruit juices have a lot of calories as compared to the fruit itself. Consume fruit juices and milk from time to time. Replace your caffeinated drinks with milk and fruit juices.

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6. Indulge in some workout
Do you like aerobics? But drop it immediately! It’s not meant for weight gain. Running, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc. is recommended for those are trying to gain weight. Try squats and lunges for adding to your gluteal muscles.

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7. Do some weight lifting
Want to gain weight? Then lift some weights. You can do squats, bench presses, pull-ups and dumbbells for gaining muscle mass. Don’t indulge in any fancy gym machine. Free weights target more of your muscles than the machines do.

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8. Shorten up your workouts
High metabolic rate means that you’re burning calories even when you’re at rest. So indulge in some short but intense workout session. Relax after doing each set.

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9. Stick to your schedule
Some people might get frustrated on not seeing the results immediately. But you have to hold on to your schedule. No weight programme will be helpful to you if you’re not regular.

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10. Eat before going to bed
Our body recharges itself when we’re asleep. So eat the right type of food just before you’re going to bed. Eat a healthy dinner and ensure that your body is getting the nutrient it requires to build up the muscle mass.

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