10 Things Women Can’t Change About Men Ever!

While the literary definition of love says accepting your significant other the way he is. But these are only things to coax our heart. But deep down inside we know there are few things about men that we desperately want to change. Many of you must have tried changing them? But were you able to? nopes! But ‘Try karne me kya jaata hai’. At least, we can laugh on these unchangeable characteristics of our dear men…

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1. His Love for Cricket
Admit it, you can’t seduce him at any cost when he’s watching an India Vs. Pakistan match. He’s not going to miss even a glimpse of the match for you. You have to do the dishes and serve him the dinner just in front of the television set.

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2. He’s a Momma’s Boy
He never spares a chance to compare your cooking skills with your mother. And my dear, you should try to match his mom’s cooking style. Cause he’ll never stop complaining. Don’t take it personally. Men are just too attached and accustomed to their mothers.

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3. His Petty Little Lies
No matter how long you take it to admit it, but the men aren’t going to be completely honest with you. And you should stop expecting either. He hides small things to prevent arguments. Sometimes, to make you happy, he lies. Like, you aren’t looking fat in that black dress.

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4. You Can’t Change his Drinking Habit
Whether he’s binge drinker or a non-drinker, you won’t be able to change his drinking status to otherwise. You cannot do anything about it.

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5. He Checks Out Other Girls
And here comes the major thing about men that women try to change. They drool over other hot women. Don’t get annoyed with it, cause it’s just for a moment. You are the only woman he’s actually getting intimate with.

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6. He’s a Couch Potato
You cannot do anything about his lazy habits. He spends his weekend on a single couch staring at the TV. All you can do is just sit beside him and enjoy the TV yourself.

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7. His Shabby Dressing Sense
When it comes to the party, you get dressed up in the best manner you can. But what about him? He’ll always wear his favourite pair of denim with an ancient T-shirt. You’ve got to learn to live with his questionable fashion sense.

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8. His Dirty Habits
Digging nose, leaving the poop in the pot, leaving the washroom untidy and the list goes on. They’ll never get over these habits but you have to learn to live with them. You’ll never be able to fully eradicate these habits from his behaviour.

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9. He’ll Never Ask for Directions No Matter How Lost He Is
Cause asking directions would be an attack on his bubble-like ego. You have to stroll hours with him in the middle of nowhere till his GPS comes up with the right directions.

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10. He’ll Never Approve of Your Routine
Why do you take so long to get ready for a party? He’s going to complain about it forever and crack jokes with his friends. I’m sure there are many other things as well which you cannot change about a man. Have a good laugh and accept them the way they are.

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