These salon experts can be rude sometimes. Our regular trips to the salon are transformed into a disaster when luck decides to play a game on us. Eyebrows have the potential to make or break your look. A simple mistake and wham! You’re gone! Can you imagine a day in ruined eyebrows? No!
Our parlour wali didi gets struck by this ultimate talent often; they decide to make our brows look even worse. It is so simple to make both of the brows look identical. But I guess not, not for them, perhaps!
Here are the hilariously funny things you can relate to when your parlour wali didi ruins your eyebrows…

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1. OMG! What the hell did you do to me! *when you finally look at the mirror*

ruined-eyebrows-1Image Source: picdn

2. You think that you’re never going to be happy ever in your life! *too much of melodrama*

ruined-eyebrows-2Image Source: moviescelebrities

3. Your devastated eyebrows look like a dead caterpillar!

ruined-eyebrows-3Image Source: blogspot

4. And suddenly you want to kill your parlour-wali-didi

ruined-eyebrows-4Image Source: colorstv

5. But you have no choice! So you pay the money and walk out.

ruined-eyebrows-5Image Source: hdpicswale

6. When your boyfriend points your eyebrow out and laughs!

ruined-eyebrows-6Image Source: hindilyrics

7. When girls of your college make your fun and you add one more person to your HITLIST!

ruined-eyebrows-7Image Source: moviegupshup

8. ‘Main mooh dikhaane layak nahi rahi’ *gets slapped by mom!*

ruined-eyebrows-8Image Source: newhdwallpapers

9. You finally try to move and go out for some fresh air!

ruined-eyebrows-9Image Source: movies9

10. Then again you realise ‘Meri to itni life kharab ho gayi hai, itni life kharab ho gayi’.

ruined-eyebrows-10Image Source: amazonaws


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