10 Ways for Women to Stay Safe in India

India is a country where women are worshipped as a goddess. But unfortunately, certain savages have sabotaged this image of our country. Ever since last few decades, the number of rape cases has been observing an upsurge. Crime against women has touched its new high last year. Somehow, we’re failing to instil morals in some sects of our society. But what we should do whatever it takes to stay safe in India, especially if you’re a woman. So here are the 10 safety tips to follow if you’re a woman in India.

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1. Dress Safely
Okay we’re not into this moral policing and are not telling you how to dress. But if we look at the scenario with a realist’s perspective, it is better to be more practical about things. However, we know that the clothes of a woman shouldn’t define her sexual ability. But we can’t get into the mind of such ill-minded people and make them realise this. It is better to change ourselves according to the surroundings. Refrain from wearing short clothes when you’re travelling alone and by a public transport. Eve teasers often target the girls who have the guts to wear what they want. They get their egos satiated this way.

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2. Prefer to go out in a group
It is true to some extent that the safety is in numbers. If you think that the area is too unsafe to be go alone, then take your family members or your friends with you. It has been observed that these miscreants target a lone girl more. Travel alone only if you know the route well and don’t go to secluded areas all by yourself. If you smell something fishy before going to some place, then listen to your gut feeling. It might be trying to tell you about the upcoming danger.

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3. Avoid leaving house after dark
It equally hurts us to write such a thing. In an idealist’s world, women should be free to roam on the street at any time of the day. But unfortunately, our patriarchal society can’t stand the liberation of women. They find many ways to put down a woman. Crimes against them are one of those few means. If you’re planning to go out for night out, make sure that you have a large group with you. And if it is not that urgent, refrain from going out post-midnight.

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4. Use Public Transport
If you’re going to a place which you don’t know much about, then it is a no-brainer to go by a cab or your personal car to a place you don’t anything about. Go by a metro or a bus. Miscreants will still try to touch you or slide against you. But then again there is too much of crowd so you can call for help. If you’re late at night, don’t take an auto rickshaw. Call a private cab which have a GPS system in it.

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5. Learn Self Defence
When the crimes against women are on such a rise, then it is better to make yourself stronger to deal with such situations. Take some self-defence classes. Learn martial arts which might help you in the case you’re attacked. If you’re being attacked by an assaulter, target the most sensitive area of his body- like his eyes. Attack him with any pointed object you have.

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6. Keep Your Phone Ready
Your phone is a lot more than just a means to talk to your friends. It can come handy in such situations. If you’re travelling alone, keep your friends and relatives on a speed dial. Keep your phone fully charged when heading out alone. If you think you’re being followed by someone, pretend calling to a police station or just take a picture of that person. This will intimidate him and flee the spot. There are many safety applications there now for women safety. Download them to keep yourself safe and secure.

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7. Body Language
Your body language will send out a signal to your assaulter whether you’re an easy prey or not. If you look nervous and scared, chances are more that they’ll attack you. Even if you’re scared, don’t let it come on your face. Don’t walk with your head down.

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8. Traps
Don’t fall for any traps laid by such miscreants. Women are sympathetic creatures. Often these ill-minded people make use of this sympathy to lure their victims. Beware of people who come and ask you for directions. When you’re alone, don’t try to be hero for someone. Don’t go out with people you don’t know much about. Be safe.

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9. Lock Your Doors Properly
Never ever, even by mistake, leave your house unlocked. If you’re alone, never let any stranger come in. no matter if he’s a pizza delivery boy or an electrician. Keep the doors shut all the time. Open the door only if you hear the voice from someone you trust and know. Look through the keyhole before letting anyone in.

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10. Get a Pepper Spray
This is the safest way to stay safe. Carry a pepper spray along with you. It won’t cost you much. The government have subsidized its rates and they are available at any chemist shops. You can also get a Taser which stun the assailants with an electric shock. You can also keep a sharp object with you if you’ve to walk down a lane alone.

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