10 Ways to Stay Safe from Stalkers and Attackers : Women Safety

2 days ago when people were busy in daily routine, the news of a 20-year-old wee girl being stabbed 28 times by her stalker shook the nation. The attack on the girls wasn’t a mere knife-led murder. It was a direct assault on the security of women’s all around the nation. How a girl on her way to work is brutally stabbed by her stalker in the broad daylight? Such are the sorry state of affairs in India. Where a woman can’t any longer breathe in a moment of peace.

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With an upsurge of crime against women, it has become the need of an hour for the women to be vigilant about their surroundings. Being a woman in this patriarchy-driven country, India, you have to keep yourself safe. Keep these tips in your mind all the time while being out of the house.

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1. If someone’s stalking you and you’ve filed the case but the culprit is not in police custody, don’t travel alone.

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2. If someone has been troubling you, tell your family members about the same. Don’t ignore the stalking. You can also ask your family members to inform the suspect’s family.

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3. If you’re being harassed over the phone. Inform Police or Women Helpline (1091) about it.

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4. Seek security cover from police if the stalker is out on bail. He might come to seek revenge.

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5. If the stalker is trying to make a close contact with you, call on 100 or 1096 immediately.

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6. Don’t be rude to the person who’s behaving like a psycho in front of you.

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7. Learn some self-defence techniques.

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8. Keep the important numbers on speed dial. You can also keep an emergency women safety application in your phone.

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9. Always carry a pen knife and pepper spray with you. In case you feel you’re being followed, keep your knife in hand.

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10. Apply for a weapon license if you think that the situation has become grave.

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The country where the men folks have become the perpetrator in place of protectors, women have to step forward for themselves. Be your own superhero, be your own saviour! Stay safe.

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