12 Things To Keep In Mind Before Having A Pet

Are you an animal lover and decided to have a pet lately? Then just opening the gates to your heart isn’t enough. You need to pet-proof your house. By pet-proofing here, we mean that your house should be ready to receive your pet. There shouldn’t be any element that might hurt your pet or can damage your property.

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1. If you’re having carpeted floors, get rid of them. carpeted floors don’t go well with the pets. They might tear the mats with their nails and pets when young don’t have developed toilet habits. They will keep on messing up your house until they are properly trained.

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2. Keep the breakable items like a lamp shade, a vase, statues and photo frames away from the reach of your pet. Let them be where they are in case you don’t value them much. Dogs and cats like to jump around here and there. Breaking things are just a common affair in a pet owner’s house.

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3. Get a dustbin that can’t be open by your dog. Dogs have this tendency of loitering in the trash to look for leftover food and other things to chew. Bring a sturdy and paddle operated dustbin. Metal ones would be good as the lids are heavier to be opened by a dog.

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4. Have a metal grill installed at your window if you’re not having it yet. Your pet might escape or fall down and get hurt.

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5. Get the dark coloured rugs so the dust and dirt won’t be easily visible on it. Pick small scale patterns as they don’t collect pet shedding.

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6. Wind the ropes around the legs of your stools and other furniture. Cats and dogs have this habit of scratching and biting. The rope would protect your expensive furniture from getting damaged.

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7. Don’t keep eatables in the low-lying shelves of your kitchen. Dogs have excellent sniffing power and the appetite of an elephant. They might invade your eatables and eat them even before you get a taste of it.

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8. Keep the articles like phenyl, poisonous plans, rat poisons, naphthalene balls, etc. away from the reach of your pet. You won’t like your pet falling ill.

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9. Keep the wires properly hooked to the walls and at a certain height. Dangling wires. It can be hazardous for your pet if by mistake they get to chew them.

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10. Anything with small pieces should be kept away from the reach of your pets. They can swallow them and it can choke their windpipe.

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11. Check your closet if your pet is not sleeping inside before shutting them. It can suffocate them.

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12. Keep your medicines away from your pets. It can be really harmful to them if they accidentally chew them.

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