15 Easiest Yoga Positions To Reduce Stress!!

Yoga is an ancient art and a nice form of spiritual practice that is capable of your overall well being. Yoga Positions To Reduce Stress are performed worldwide in fact.

Stress is one of the most significant problem of modern society. Stress is the major reason for sharp increase in mental disorders all across the world. Yoga is very efficient solution for cutting down stress from your every day life. It works on a basic principle that our physical body is made up of five elements that are air, fire, earth, water and sky. Any imbalance in this elements cause disruption of mental balance, immune system and disease. Yoga mudra and postures are used worldwide to cure so many mental and physical health problems.


Here are few popular yoga mudras that are highly efficient in keeping our mental, physical and emotional health intact. Regular practice of these yoga postures and exercise can work wonders for your health. These exercises are capable of treating many serious diseases and basic health problems.

Gyan Mudra

This yogic mudra is highly effective in treatment of mental problems, sharpen the memory, provide happiness and intellectual development. It is a very powerful mudra that is practiced from thousand of years to get spiritual progress ,peace, and calm. It is one of the most practiced yoga mudra since the ancient time. Gyan mudra is also known as posture of knowledge.

How to Do it

Gyan mudra is the ability to relax your mind and body and focus on meditation. Connect your forefinger and thumb any try to meditate. Put other finger straight and but relaxed. This yoga position is best to do in morning with fresh mind. It is most common yoga posture for doing meditation. It is very convenient yogic mudra and anyone can practice it.

Benefits of Gyan Mudra

As the name suggest gyan mudra is associated with memory,wisdom and concentration power. This mudra stimulate and sharpen your brain. This yoga posture is used to cure insomnia. It is also use to control the mental disorders like anger, anxiety, depression and stress.

Surya Namaskar Exercise

This yoga exercise is one of the most popular and efficient for mental and physical fitness and this yoga exercise is the best thing you can do to begin your day. It is also known as sun salutation exercise. It is all in one yogic exercise to bring mental and physical fitness together. Here are few simple steps to perform surya namaskar daily. Stand in an straight position while facing the sun and keeping your palms folded near the chest in namaskar position.While doing this keep your feet together and inhale normally. While breathing raise your arms upward and then bend backwards with your face looking upward and toward the sky. Keep your back in arch position while bending backward. Now exhale and keep your knees straight and bend your body downward until your head touch the knees. Now get back to normal straight position.

Surya namaskara

How Surya Namaskar is Beneficial

Suryanamaskar is a nice yogic exercise for reducing stress. This yoga exercise is the essence of all other yoga positions. If you don’t have much time to perform yoga,you should include this yoga exercise in your daily routine. Just doing this yoga exercise regularly will keep you away several physical and mental disorders.

Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

It is one of the easiest yoga position that you can perform to reduce stress from your daily life. Best way to do this yoga exercise to sit cross-legged on a yoga mat while keeping your hand on your knees and palms up. Try to keep your spine as straight as you can. Close your eyes and inhale. Sukhasana can be performed both at home or outdoors. Although performing this yoga position in outdoors in fresh air would be the best for physical and mental health.

How Sukhasana ( Easy Pose) Benefits

It is an ultimate yoga position for relaxation. If performed daily it not only bring stress level down but also help in enhancing flexibility of your back and spine. If you perform this yoga exercise in a peaceful environment for 15 to 20 minutes,this would terrific for cutting down the stress level. Try to do this yoga exercise early in morning in outdoor environment with plenty of air.

Vayu Mudra

This yoga posture is very beneficial in curing several mental and physical disorders. You can do it in many position sitting,lying, and standing. Fold your index finger and then fold your other fingers in such way that you can see phalanx bone. You can press your hand with your thumb and keep your three fingers as extended as possible. You can do it anytime with your convenience be it morning or evening.


Benefits of Vayu Mudra

As the name suggest it balance the air element in the body. This is very effective in reduction of stress and also release excess air from stomach and chest thus it is beneficial in removal of excess air from stomach and chest.

Tadasana ( Mountain Posture)

This is a great yoga position for reducing stress from our daily life. This yoga position keep your mind and body balanced . Here are few simple steps to perform this yoga position daily.

  • First of all stand straight with your feet flat on the floor and keep your knees slightly spaced up.

  • Stretch your hands and put your palm with each other and keep your spine straight.

  • Stretch your spine and put your hand up above your head.

  • Lift your ankle and stand on the toes with your eyes facing the sky.

  • Keep yourself in the similar position for minimum of 30 seconds in due course keep your breath normal.

  • After this put your feet back to ground slowly and relax your body.

This yoga position would be very helpful in releasing every stress. It is performed at every yogic center in groups.

Balasana (Child Pose)

This yoga position is made to relax yourself completely. This yoga position is named so because in this position you get curled like a fetus. Some simple positions of this yoga exercise are

  • Keep your palms facing the floor and sit on your knees with weight on both side of the body.

  • While inhaling bring your body forward in such a manner that your forehead touches the floor.
  • Put yourself in the position at least for 30 seconds then breath normally.
  • Then lift your forehead slowly and put your body back to vajrasana.


Lotus Pose ( Padmasana)

This position is useful in increasing the self-awareness, mindfulness and meditation. It is mostly done for keeping oneself calm and soothing mind. The best way to do this nice yoga exercise is

  • Sit crossed leg and put you left leg on right thigh and right leg on left thigh and keep your face up.
  • Keep your hands in gyan mudra, it means keep your index finger together with thumb.

Inhale deeply and close your eyes and keep yourself in the same pose for minimum of 30 seconds and exhale slowly.

This position is very efficient in reducing stress and daily fatigue. Regular practice of this yoga position can bring peace in your life.

Savasana ( Corpse pose)

It is one of the easiest yoga position to minimize stress. You can also perform this if you don’t have time to perform other yoga position. It is a great yoga position for relaxation of body and mind. Some simple steps of this yoga position is

  • Lie on the floor in a relaxed position and keep your eyes closed.
  • Leave your body and hand completely lose.
  • Hold your breath for few seconds and then inhale.
  • Do this repeatedly for four to five times.

This pose help you to shade away the fatigue and fill your mind with amazing serenity and calmness.

Agni Mudra ( Mudra of fire)

This yoga posture represent the fire element of cosmos.It is perceived as a nice yoga posture to reduce tension and stress in your daily life. You should perform this yoga in sitting position early morning with empty stomach. Here are few simple steps to perform this yoga with ease. People who are suffering from digestive problems and acidity should avoid this yoga posture.

  • The best way to perform this meditation is to fold your thumb against phalanx while folding your ring finger.

Keep your spine straight and inhale Seated Forward Bend and exhale slowly.

agnimudra pose

Cat-Cow Pose

This is a great morning yoga release your stress and keep your self fresh and energetic through out the day. This yoga position also opens up whole spine and make you feel light and relaxed. The basic of this yoga pose is to get down on all four means on both hand and knees. Looking toward the roof you should inhale slowly and drop back toward the floor. Looking toward your stomach you should exhale put your back up like a cow or cat.

This yoga is very helpful in back pain and releasing stress level in your daily life. It can be helpful curing stomach related problems.

Warrior Position

This yoga exercise is performed in the standing position .This yoga position signifies and stimulates strength and power. The best way to do this exercise is

  • Start with standing straight put your left leg back by three to four feet and bend your right knee above your ankle.

Turn your left foot a little and raise your arms directly above you and look up

This position is very effective in releasing the stress and keeping your back stronger and body healthy. This yoga pose can also be helpful in treatment of various disease associated with stomach.

Tree Pose

This is a standing yoga position that is very helpful in cultivating the mental balance and making your legs stronger. To perform this yoga bend your right foot in such way that the weight of your right foot get transferred to your left leg. Put your hand together in prayer mode. The yoga position requires the balance and acute concentration of mind. You should perform this exercise in open air.It can be very effective in keeping a balance of your body and mind.

tree pose

Bhujanga Asana

In sanskeri bhujanga means “snake” or cobra. That is why this pose is also known as cobra pose. This yoga position replicate the posture of a cobra with its hood raised. First of all lie flat on your stomach in relaxed and comfortable mode. Keep your feet together with the top of your feet against the floor. After that spread your hands on the floor and put it under your shoulders and. Then close your eyes and inhale slowly, deeply. Now feel the stability of your pelvis, thighs and tops of your feet. Then exhale gradually before opening your eyes.

This yoga posture is great for cutting down stress level and also helpful in some general diseases.

Pigeon Pose

This yoga position is great stress buster. Stretch your hands and keep your knees, just like it is done in cat pose. Then swing your right foot with your hands and place your knee in front of you. Now slowly slide the left foot back, and keep your thigh resting on the floor. Then push up your hands, while making arch with your back, lift your chin while looking at the ceiling. Now inhale ten deep breaths, put your body forward, your folded arms in front of you and raise your head.

Plank Pose

This yoga position strengthen your arms, back, quadriceps and back. This yoga position is extremely helpful for keeping a balance between mind and body. Press your palms against the floor and bring the chest forward in such a way that your shoulders are directly over your wrists. Now press your heels against the wall behind you and extend the crown of your head forward and form a straight line from the top of your head to your heels.Plank is simple way to build upper body strength and keep your mind calm. This is a complete yoga pose to strengthen your mind and body.


Raised Arm Pose

It is another yoga position for keeping a balance in your life. First inhale deeply then bring your arms up and over your head. It is one of the morning stretch yoga exercise, Stay grounded on the heels and move your shoulders away from your ears and at the same time try to reach up through your fingertips. Put your eyes on your hands, while keeping your shoulder’s width apart or palms touching each other. Inhale and exhale should be done with movement of your hand.

How this Yoga Position is Beneficial

This yoga position enhance your overall fitness and it is a great position for your metal health also. This yoga exercise should be most effective in morning.

Adho Mukha Svanasana Pose ( Downward Facing Dog Pose)

This amazing yoga position is performed as a part of surya namaskar yoga exercise. If done regularly it bring down the stress level and ensure the blood circulation in whole body. First of all get on your all fours with two hands on floor while keeping knee ,shoulder and hips width apart. Walk your hands forward and spread your fingers wide for stability. Now curl your toes inside and put your hips upward and keep your body in such a way that it look like a V.

This yoga position also helps in back pain and increase the overall blood circulation of body. It keep you relaxed and mentally fit.

Seated Forward Bend

This yoga position is also recommended to reduce the daily stress. This yoga position has lot of health benefits. This single yoga position effects several vital organs of your body. It is beneficial for stomach , back and spine and overall blood circulation of your body . First thing you should do is sit on floor by keeping your back straight and legs straight out in front of you. Take a deep breath and exhale, Now flex your feet backward with a flat back. Hold your knees, calves, ankles, thighs, feet which ever is in your reach then then try to relax into this posture.

seated forward bent

How this Yoga Exercise is Beneficial

This yoga exercise is of great benefit for people with stomach problem. It is also performed for relaxation and improve mindfulness.

Yoga is not just an exercise but an art of physical, mental and spiritual balance.balance. Mudras are certain gestures performed during pranayams and meditations that directs the flow of energy into the body. Yoga mudras and postures stimulates different part of brain. Yoga is all about keeping physical ,mental, and emotional energy of body in balance. Once your energy is balanced you not find any sign of stress or tension in your life. Hope the the yoga positions mentioned above would be beneficial for you.