Help Your Child Overcome Social Anxiety

4 Effective Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Social Anxiety

There are many kids who are shy and most of the parents think that with age, their child will gain the confidence and will overcome this. But, if your child feels breathless and he or she is not able to speak at a social gathering during which he can mix with others then, there is a sure sign towards an issue which is called social anxiety. This common problem can affect your child both mentally and physically. But, thankfully you can help your child to come out of this complicated situation by using these simple tips. Here is how you can help your child overcome social anxiety.

1. Find the root cause

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Try to spend more time with your child as it will help your child to overcome his/her fears and open up to you. Regular change in the environment because of your job transfers or lack of opportunities to mix up with others can contribute towards the social anxiety. So, it is advised that you should talk to your child and try to know about the root cause of the problem.

2. Help them deal with their fears

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Slowly, try to figure out what is going in your child’s mind when he meets a new friend or a playmate. Know about their first thoughts, do they think they will be negatively treated etc. Once you figure out their fear, make them understand that no one will judge them and have faith in yourself.

3. Build their confidence

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Encourage them to make their own decisions in various matters. Always appreciate their efforts and avoid scolding and criticizing them frequently. If he or she fails in something, be their friend and understand what they want to say. Engage them in interesting conversations that will help them overcome the fear. This will also help your child to overcome the self-esteem issues.

4. Take professional help

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If your efforts fail in improving the condition of your child, then it is better to take a professional’s help. If you think that your child is trying to hide him or her into a shell, take him to a counselor.

So, these were the few ways to help your child overcome social anxiety.

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