4 Types of Eyeliner: Which One Should You Buy?

Girls, do we need to explain how imperative eyeliner is for completing your makeup? I guess, it’s a No. From smoking hot cat eye to merely lining your eyes, eyeliner is the most basic thing. It is as simple as a black pigment, but it have the potential to make us feel set to face on anything in this world. But these days so many types of eyeliner are available confusing us as to which one to buy. So here’s a handy guide which will sort out your concerns and help you buy the best one for you.
You can compare the pros and cons of the liquid, gel, pen and kohl eyeliner to bring home your eyeliner soulmate!

1. Liquid Eyeliner
It is the most used eyeliner if you want a striking, well-defined or the full-on sultry look. They are made solely for full-blown highlighting and defining sculpt of your eyes. If you want the picture-perfect Cleopatra eyes, then the liquid eyeliners are the perfect pick for you.

Types of Eyeliner1Image Source: netdna-cdn


1. It adds definition to your eyes.
2. It makes the eyelashes look denser and longer.
3. They are apt for cat-eye and the dramatic looks.
4. They have super dark and long-staying effect.
5. It doesn’t smear off easily once dried.


1. It is a little tricky to apply. Requires a super stable hand to get the perfect fine line.
2. You can’t have the shaded or the Smokey eye look with it.
3. Errors are little irreversible. A single mistake can give you a black eye. Not the literal one, though. But you can’t start it all over once you’ve committed a mistake.
4. This eyeliner is just not for the beginners. You need a lot of practice and persistence to get it right.

2. Gel Eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner is the cult favourite of every makeup artist. This liner usually comes in a pot with a thin brush application to help you do the liner.

Types of Eyeliner2Image Source: blogspot


1. Very easy to apply.
2. The brush makes it easy to draw lines neatly.
3. It is super dark in colour and have good staying power.
4. Excellent pick for cat eyes and smoky eyes effect.
5. Once dry, it doesn’t smudge off easily.


1. It takes time and practice to apply the liner with precision.
2. It needs a brush for application.

3. The Kohl Pencil
This is the most generally used eyeliner. Every girl must be having this type of eyeliner in her vanity. This is the most convenient and easy to use.

Types of Eyeliner3Image Source: kosmetik-flatrate


1. It is very easy to apply.
2. It glides smoothly on the eyelids.
3. It is great to apply on the waterline.
4. It is good for smudging and creating dark lines.
5. Even an amateur can use this eyeliner.
6. Easy to carry.
7. They are easily available and are cost-friendly.


1. You need to have the sharp pointed tips of a pencil to draw precise lines.
2. It smudges off easily.
3. It is not long-lasting.
4. It doesn’t give you a super defined look.
4. Felt-Tip Eyeliner Pen
This one is my favourite and the most convenient to use. They are very easy to be used while giving the similar look of a liquid eyeliner.

Types of Eyeliner4Image Source: blogspot


1. It is easy to glide.
2. It is good for making crisp as well as thick lines.
3. It glides with super-precision.
4. It is very long lasting.


1. If you want super black lines, you need to layer it up.
2. It requires hard work to be removed.