For girls, high heels are like their best friends. As they boost the confidence level as well as make you look stylish wearing it. But when you love to wear stilettoes, it’s your responsibility to take care of them.

Follow these simple tips to take care of your high heels:

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1- Don’t wear it daily

Don’t wear it dailyImage Source: pinimg

It is highly suggested that you should not wear the same pair daily. Wear different stilettoes or shoes rather. If you wear same heels regularly they will start smelling or get damage earlier. So, avoid doing this.

2- Avoid driving with heels

Avoid driving with heelsImage Source:  autoevolution

Don’t drive in heels ever. Because your heels may get damaged by the pressure you give while driving. So, try to wear shoes when you drive. And you would see the changes that how comfortably you drive in shoes.

3- Clean your heels

Clean your heelsImage Source: whstatic

Clean your high heels regularly. Use polish with a soft cloth to clean the dirt on the leather. And you can use shoe brush also to clean it properly.

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4- For bad odor

For bad odorImage Source:  yhukm

When your heels start smelling. Treat this bad smell by using baking soda. Use sparkling baking soda which will vanish the bad smell away. Next morning, remove the baking soda by using a soft cloth.

5- Keep them in Wardrobe

Keep them in WardrobeImage Source:  blogspot

Try to keep them in Wardrobe. By keeping them into wardrobe you can save them from outside harmful elements and they can stay longer. If you love your heels and want to wear it longer try to keep them into wardrobe so this can help you to protect your heels if possible.

So, these were a few tips that you can use regularly to keep your heels in good condition.

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