It may sound a little weird but beauty etiquette does exist. Just the way there are table etiquette, work etiquette, etc. there are beauty etiquette as well. And if you want to look attractive not just in appearance but also when it comes to your mannerism then these are a must to follow.

1. Touching up your makeup at the table- If you are sitting on the table having food and conversation with a bunch of people (even if your friends) and you notice or feel that you need to touch up your makeup. instead of pulling out your makeup kit and redoing it on the table, kindly excuse yourself and head to the ladies’ room. Here you can do all the touch up you want to do. So the next time you want to reapply your lipstick, do not start doing it in front of everyone, excuse yourself and head somewhere private.

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2. Don’t comb your hair in front of everyone- This one is mostly frowned upon because not only it looks kind of unattractive but when you comb your hair you are also likely to lose some strands which may get into the food if you are at an eating joint or just fly with the wind and get on someone’s face. To sum it, just excuse yourself and then comb your hair.

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3. Do not indulge in talking over the phone– If you are visiting a salon there are certain cell phone rules which you need to follow no matter what. And trust me this one is actually very important. There is no abstinence for talking on the phone but keep that to that a minimum. Constant blabbering over the phone can be very distracting and bothersome as well for the other people. Consider texting until you are in there and after that, you can get back to the calling.

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4. Wearing extremely strong perfumes- This one etiquette is overlooked by a majority of people and almost everyone is guilty of doing this at some point of their life. If not, then you must have been the victim of someone passing by or standing right next to you after bathing in one of the strongest perfumes they own. When you apply perfume, be a little considerate of the people who might have a very sensitive nose and may suffer from a sinus attack, just because of your perfume love.

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5. Help other women- One of the most important beauty etiquette is to help other fellow women who are making some type of beauty faux pas. For example, if you see a woman on the street walking with lipstick on her teeth, kindly let her know about it. And trust me you will feel good after helping the other lady in need.

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