There are many people who think that nail art is just for the people with long nails. But, it’s not completely true. There are a number of nail art designs that women with short nails can opt to make their nails look beautiful and classy. So, keeping this mind, we have listed some simple nail art designs for short nails that are not only easy but are interesting too.

1. Rainbow tip nail art

Rainbow tip nail artImage Source: pinimg

This is one of the easiest and simple nail art designs for small nails. You just need to paint your nails white. After that, pick up a toothpick and make dots over the tips of your nails using different colors. Make sure that the dots are evenly spaced as there are chances of smudging.

2. Glittery short nails

Glittery short nailImage Source: ytimg

For this nail art, you first need to pick a nail paint of your choice. Now, apply a coat of it and dust it with the same color glitter. Then, allow the glitter to dry. After that, seal the nail art by applying a coat of transparent nail polish.

3. Monochrome nail art

Monochrome nail artImage Source: didolines-nails

For monochrome nail art, you first need to manicure and then, apply white nail paint as a base. Now, draw a triangle or any shape of your choice on any of the sides using a black paint. After that, fill in the black outline and once you are done coat your nails with transparent nail polish.

4. Geode stone nails

Geode stone nailImage Source: sonailicious

For this nail art, you need to keep your base white. Now, choose two bright colors that go well with the white base. After choosing the nail paint shades to dilute them with some water and then, apply it your nails. Doing so will help in making your small nails look stunning.

So, these were the few nail art designs for short nails. Try them out and stay gorgeous.

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