5 Fool-Proof Tricks for Brides to Hide Belly Fat on Their Wedding

Getting married is the most blissful feeling in a woman’s life. Every woman wants to be one-of-a-kind on her D-Day. Most of the women start exercising and working out beforehand. But stubborn belly fat sometimes refuses to go. If you’re one of those brides with some love handles, then don’t lose hope. There is always a way out. You need not worry anymore, because we have some error-free tricks to get you out of this situation. No, we will not ask you to shed your fat in just a few days. What we have are some easy solutions…

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1. Get Some Elastic Shapewear
If you want your figure to be visible in a flattering manner, get an elastic shapewear straight away. It gives an illusion of having a flat belly. These bands give a visibly thinner look.

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2. Choose the Right Kind of Wedding Outfit
Your dress should be in a way such that it camouflages the minus points in your body- your flabs. Choose a belly-concealing blouse in place of the cholis. You can also drape your dupatta around to hide your tummy. Your lehenga should be wide bottomed as it creates an illusion of thinner waistline.

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3. Pick More Accessories
There is a hard and fast rule that you have to follow. In any case, avoid heavy embroideries. It will make you look fatter than you are. Choose monochrome lehengas. Accessories it in the best way to enhance your look. But don’t clutter your look. Keep it subtle.

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4. Drive Attention Away from Your Belly
Drive the attention of the lookers on your best features. Use the lovely makeup, beautiful necklace or a hairstyle to drive attention away from your waistline. If your arms are toned, then you can show them off in a beautiful sleeved choli.

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5. Seek Help From Saree if Nothing Else Works
You can always trust the six-yards. They look lovely and also hide your flabs. It also provides a wonderful illusion of height. Once again, don’t go for heavy embroideries. Use subtle monochrome saree for a rich bridal look. Don’t pleat your pallu. Instead, take it flowing in your arms. It will help you cover your belly.

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