5 Lesser-Known Tips To Make Your Makeup Look Flawless

There are so many moments during our makeup learning journey when we really hope that there was someone who could give us tips to make our makeup look a little better and a little less obvious. If you also think the same, then here we are to help you make your makeup look flawless. Today we are going to share with you some lesser known tips to make your makeup look flawless.

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1. Warm up the eyelash curler- To make your eyelash curl last longer you can warm up the eyelash curler with your hairdryer for a few seconds and then use it to curl the lashes. Make sure that the eyelash curler is not too hot. For checking that, press it on the back of your hand and then use it on the eyelashes. This trick works on the same principle as it does with a hot curler.

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2. Curl the lashes a second time- If you want to add that extra lift to your eyelashes then you can go for the second curl. Once you have applied the mascara you can go for the second curl. Some people may think that this will break your eyelashes and may damage them, but that’s not true. Just make sure that the mascara has dried completely before you curl them. Don’t put as much pressure as you did the first time. Just be light on the pressure to lift the lashes even more.

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3. To make fake eyelashes look natural- If you are using false eyelashes then it is important to merge them with the real ones. For this, all you need to do is apply the false lashes and allow them to dry completely. Once the eyelashes are stuck onto the real lashes, take your eyelash curler and open it as wide as you can. Get the lashes in the curler and gently press both the lashes together. Be careful while opening the curler as you don’t want the false lashes to get stuck in it. Doing this little trick will create the biggest difference in the way your falsies look.

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4. Get your eyebrows right- You must have noticed that how after getting your eyebrows done your appearance changes drastically. But if you don’t have the time to get your eyebrows done by a professional, you can do them yourselves. With the help of a tweezer, pluck all the stray hair. once that is done, take a spoolie brush and brush your eyebrows in the upward direction. Now with a cuticle cutter snip off the hair tips that are going beyond your eyebrow line. Do the same with the hair brushed downward. And there you have them; perfectly groomed eyebrows.

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5. To make your makeup last longer- This tip is for almost all the products you use. If you want to make your makeup last longer then you must use the liquid formulation as well as the powder formulation of the same. For example, to ensure that your foundation lasts all day you must first use a liquid foundation on your entire face, followed by a powder foundation to set the liquid foundation. Do the same for your blush, bronzer, highlighter, etc.

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