Ageing is inevitable to life and it is one thing that you cannot stop no matter what. But what you can do is avoid things that may actually speed up the process of ageing. There are several lifestyle habits which may speed up the process of aging and if you keep a check on them, you can avoid these ageing signs for a very long time. So let’s get to know about those little things which can make a huge difference to the process of ageing.

1. Not sleeping enough- You may not take your daily sleeping hours too seriously but the amount of time you devote to your sleep makes a lot of difference to your overall health. Not only this, people who do not take enough amount of sleep on a regular basis are more likely to show up signs of ageing much earlier as compared to people who take at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

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2. Too much sugar intake- Refined sugars are not beneficial for you in any way. It adds up to your waistline, clogs up your arteries and along with that it makes you age at a very fast pace. Consuming too much sugar increases the blood sugar level causing glycation which causes harm to the collagen ultimately leading to wrinkles. Thus, make sure to keep a check on your sugar intake.

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3. Too much alcohol- Alcohol consumption in limitation is never going to harm you. But that does not mean that you must have a drink or two in every once in a while. You must stay away from alcohol as much as possible. On the other hand, if you consume too much of alcohol then you are more likely to age much faster and much earlier. When you drink too much of alcohol your small blood vessels in the skin starts to dilate thus increasing the blood flow to the skin. And over the time, you blood vessels may get damaged permanently which may result in a permanently flushed look on your skin.

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4. Too much running- Running might be the best cardio workout ever but as we all know that excess of anything and everything is bad for you. If you love running or like to include it in your daily workout routine, then make sure to do it in moderation. Too much running can break down the collagen thus making your skin lose its elasticity and making it sag very early.

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5. Exposure to the sun- Vitamin D is very crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. But when you expose your body to the rays of the sun for prolonged period of time, the ill effects start to overshadow the benefits. This may lead to tanned skin, wrinkles and freckles. Your skin may look dry, patchy and may start to sag.

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