5 Marriage Myths You Don’t Need to Believe In!

Myths take birth back in the times immemorial and continue to misguide people until a proper research is made. When you decide to get married, you will hear a lot about married life from your family and friends. Everyone will shower their advice on you more than their blessings. But you shouldn’t be following all of the advice too seriously. Things are not same for all the cases. Here are some myths associated with marriage that need to be busted.

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1. Happy Couples Don’t Argue
This is the biggest kind of myth followed by the youngsters these days. A happy couple doesn’t mean no fights at all. A happy couple is the one who bounces back to normalcy immediately after a fight. Human beings are meant to have disagreements and arguments more often. Sometimes an argument ends up on a positive note.

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2. Never Sleep Angry
This is one of the most popular myths being circulated over Facebook. Sometimes couples fight till 5 AM and even they don’t remember when they fell asleep. In fact, a study reveals that a fight has a better solution in the morning.

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3. His Family is Your Family Now
Yes, by all means, you have to love his family like your own. But you shouldn’t be avoiding your own family at any cost. Don’t feel guilty when you’re doing something for your family. They gave you birth and they have all the rights to stick with you through thick and things.

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4. Having Babies Will Resolve All the Problems
Having a kid is a life-changing experience, no doubt. But don’t take it as a sole solution to each and every problem between you two. If you both are having any problem between you, then a child is not going to be the solution for it.

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5. You Have to Do Everything Together
Spending time together is a must in a marriage. But being together 24×7 is no rule. You should enjoy your own company as well. Have your own friends and let him enjoy his personal space also. Don’t force him to spend time with you.

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