Stay Safe on First Online Date

5 Measures To Stay Safe On First Online Date

Online dating is one of the fastest growing concepts all over the world. It is also considered as the wonderful step towards the liberation of women. Besides this, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind for your own safety. So, here we have listed some measures to stay safe on the first online date.

1. Make sure he is real

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Before going on a date, just make sure you do a basic background research as it is very easy to create a profile online with different identity and name. So, it is suggested that before going on a date, always check for the person online.

2. Try to meet at a place you are familiar with

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They may seem as good person during chats but, it is not necessary that the person will be nice in reality too. Don’t be stupid and let them earn your trust. By that time, meet them in the public places you are familiar with so that you can easily make your way out.

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3. Inform your friend about your plans

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Before going on a date, make sure you inform your friend or any trusted person so that they are aware of your whereabouts. This simple tip can help you ensure your safety.

4. Carry self-defense tools

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Always carry pepper spray because you can’t judge a person online. Though, we hope that you don’t need to use it but, if he becomes too pushy, then you can use it as your self-defense tool.

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5. Avoid drinking too much

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A couple of drinks are fine but drinking too much and losing your senses on your first online date is a big NO-NO. Wait, till you have enough trust on them.

So, these were the few measures to stay safe on the first online date.

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